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May 06 19:30 2022
Inbebo, Innovation Beyond Borders, Brings Unique Items To Shoppers.

Inbebo is a global online store, where people come together to find and buy unique and innovative items. The talented team of curators hand-selects the best products. Inbebo keeps shopping human. We begin the product curation process right at the source — discovering and partnering with creative and talented humans. CEO Soohyun Julie Koo tells the team “Not More, But Better”. It is about quality. This ensures that every product highlighted on the Woman-Owned, Asian-Owned, and Small Business e-commerce shop meets a set of “WOW” criteria.

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Inbebo Principles

Inbebo is dedicated to a triple bottom line – planet, people, and profit. We think about the creators and the people who use their products in all our decisions.

Inbebo selects WOW products that meet high standards. Products are selected using several criteria – are they effective, do they enhance productivity, are they accessible, do they deliver value? This is all rooted in a dedication to sustainability practices and involves taking a broad – somewhat elastic – view of what makes a product ’sustainable’. The curation team asks a series of interrelated questions. Does the product solve a problem? In other words – is it useful? Is it durable, is it made to last? Does it save energy, or support health and wellness? Does it help people? These elements, taken into consideration, make a product truly sustainable because it is useful and enduring.

One example is the Artstand product.

Artstand, from Grape Lab, is a unique and beautiful laptop stand. Artstand is ergonomic and made from sturdy recycled paper. It is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. With several unique designs that celebrate artwork by artists with disabilities. It lowers carbon footprint while it elevates human creativity. In fact, 30% of the proceeds support these artists, completing the loop of eco and social sustainability.Not every product does everything but all those we select do excel in one or more of these criteria.

Korean Innovation News

Inbebo shares highly curated products with shoppers and brings cutting edge technology and innovation news to its audience. Daily, the teams at Inbebo publish short-form blogs that highlight sometimes jaw-dropping inventions that span from the food industry to new materials and startups.

Recently the team shared one such invention from a Korean tech start-up. It is a food scanner that uses AI object recognition and volume measurement technology to read the type and amount of food to be consumed. It is designed to reduce food waste and aid in diet-based food selections.

About Inbebo

Inbebo product curations range from products for the home, kitchen, office, and even pets! Inbebo allows shoppers to discover and find the next must-have products and gifts.

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