Empowering Female Customers Has To Begin In-House

May 05 22:46 2022
Why Gluteboost finds it of utmost importance to instill their social sustainability efforts at a global scale.

As a female-focused company, Gluteboost gears social sustainability efforts towards women’s mental and physical health, to help enhance the lives of their customers and provide them with the tools to be able to build a better future.

Whilst many companies aim to empower women by posting positive messages on their social channels, Gluteboost takes it to the next level by partnering with great companies and social outreach programs that help to enhance the lives of the women who buy Gluteboost products.

Women at the top

Gluteboost’s CEO, Susana Campanella, has been a firm believer in the proliferation of female empowerment, education and support since founding Gluteboost. Campanella is a firm believer in the untapped potential within women to become CEOs, and that moving towards a world where more women are in the C-suite is both a necessary and inevitable step forward for both entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Interestingly, women-led companies have been proven to drive 2.3 times as much revenue as their male-led competitors. Additionally, in recent research conducted by McKinsey, it was found that women exhibit characteristics that men do not, that are ‘critical’ to the company’s future success.

It has also been proven that having women in C-suite roles gives employees throughout the company a boosted and enhanced feelings of empowerment, both for men and women, with 71% of those asked in a recent Harris Poll saying that seeing a woman in a C-suite role made them feel more like they could also achieve a similar position in their career lifetime.

Campanella has previously said “if CEOs and their executive teams are able to adopt [a mentality of inclusion and female empowerment] then it will trickle down and I firmly believe that ultimately everyone profits from a model [of inclusion].”

Philanthropic efforts

In a study from the Center for Women’s Business Research, it was found that over half of women who have companies that exceed $1m in assets give a minimum of $10,000 in charity donations annually, as compared to only 40% of men.

This means that putting women at the top and in more senior positions leads to a positive feedback loop of more women than being given the resources to step into similar roles themselves.

Gluteboost invests annually in giving free training to women to help them to gain a more entrepreneurial mindset, to develop their career, and to receive professional mentorship whilst building new skills to help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

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