Puzzle Game App Cooblox Brings Back Old-School Challenge in a Sea of Mindless Phone Games

May 05 19:15 2022
Cooblox cuts out the fluff and encourages players to dig deep into brainpower to solve challenging levels. This new game has caused excitement on social media

Cooblox, a new independently produced puzzle game app, is available now to play on mobile phones across the globe. This truly difficult game contains all the challenges players are looking for without any unnecessary fluff or distractions.

Cooblox is a mind-bending puzzle game in which the player rolls cubes across the board to connect them and form the target shape shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. The levels increase in difficulty as the player progresses, starting with a brief tutorial level to demonstrate the game mechanics. Different game mechanics include gaining the ability to change a block’s color by placing the block on a specific game board cell or splitting a cube train to remove redundant blocks.


The game uses eye-catching colors and has calming music playing in the background for those who enjoy playing puzzle games with a bit of ambient sound.

If players are completely stuck on finding the solution to a particular level, they can choose to use a hint or skip the level to come back later. New levels are unlocked as the previous level is completed, but if players would like to choose their own path, they can choose to unlock all levels for a small purchase of $1.99, which allows them to skip levels without spoiling the solution or using hints. At the time of release, there are 48 handcrafted Cooblox levels available to stimulate the players’ brains.


“I am very proud of the puzzles we’ve put together to bring back the true challenge to the mobile gaming experience,” said Andrey Fomchenko, Cooblox creator. “This app is the product of a team of hard-working professionals, and I hope users enjoy playing this game that was created with such passion and dedication.”

Look for a challenge that will sharpen your problem-solving skills? Download Cooblox today by visiting the App Store (compatible with iOS 11.0 or later) or Google Play (compatible with Android 5.0 or later).


About Cooblox

Remember bloxorz, the father of all “roll the block” games? Cooblox, or cubes and blocks, is inspired by this simple yet challenging puzzle game marvel. Snap blocks together and split them apart to form shapes in two and three dimensions. Improve your spatial intelligence and problem-solving skills, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back after completing a level either as complexity increases rapidly. Each level has an elegant and straightforward solution, you just have to find it!

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