New Romance Novel From Author CJ Daly – The Academy Saga 4: Trial & Tribulations

May 04 17:32 2022
New Romance Novel From Author CJ Daly - The Academy Saga 4: Trial & Tribulations
The Academy Saga 4: Trial & Tribulations
Author CJ Daly is pleased to announce the release of her new romance novel, Trial & Tribulations. This is the fourth book in The Academy Saga series. Published by Brandylight Ink in April 2022, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

The Academy Saga Continues…

Kate Connelly has been longing for escape from The Academy since the day she arrived.

Just when she’d settled into her role as an elite cadet and Officer Ranger Nealson’s wife, her first love, former Elite Cadet Pete Davenport, crashes into her life once again. Unwilling to let Ranger have her, he carries out a daring rescue, snatching her back from The Academy and the possessive arms of her new husband . . . while on their honeymoon in Mexico.

After the absolute best summer of her life, she discovers that The Academy has retaliated by abducting her other brother, and a growing reason why she has to return. Kate makes the heartbreaking decision to leave Pete, arriving back at The Academy with Ranger’s prized possession. But instead of welcoming her back with open arms, she’s greeted with a cold shoulder and finds herself back to square one—with The Academy and with Ranger.

Before she can even catch her breath, she’s forced, once again, into carrying out The Academy’s ongoing plans for her. Meanwhile, Ranger’s ruthless pursuit of revenge and reaching for the next rung in his career leaves Kate isolated, outcast, and bitterly regretting her decision to return. But just when things seem to be turning around for The Nealsons, something crashes into their lives that shatters all that has ever mattered: past, present, and future. Priorities, alliances, and old vendettas shift once again. And their lives will never be the same.

Praise for The Academy Saga 4: Trial & Tribulations

“One of those stories that sticks with you long after the last page is turned.” – Best Selling author Stacy Cohen “The Last Train From Paris”

“Fast-paced and packed with action, Trial & Tribulations had me hooked from the very beginning. Kate’s character was relatable and believable. The tension was thick, the emotions were running high, and the fate of Kate and her loved ones was hanging by a thin thread. I loved the tension, the drama, and the mess of feelings that kept the fates of Kate, Pete, and Ranger combined.” – Rabia Tanveer, Reader’s Favorite

“…Delivers an exciting new twist in this ongoing saga of romantic and action-packed novels, and this new installment is no exception. It felt like a real “eye of the storm” perspective, with excitement and tension surrounding Kate at every moment, and the relationship drama and romantic tension of the work only intensified this even more. I would continue to highly recommend The Academy Saga.”  – K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite

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About the Author:

CJ Daly grew up on the scrabbly plains of Eastern New Mexico. When she was supposed to be helping her six siblings with chores on the family ranch, she was really sneaking behind dusty haystacks to read. And dreaming about becoming a writer.

After graduating high school, CJ moved to Big D (Dallas) where she quickly put herself through college while trying to rid herself of her country accent. She had better luck with college, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in English literature. After teaching a few years, and pausing to have back-to-back boys, she began writing in earnest.

A few years later, “The Academy Saga” was born. “The Academy” is her debut novel, and “The Academy, Cadet-in-Training” is the sequel. CJ is so proud that both books earned Readers’ Favorites 5-STAR seals of approval. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her running from one athletic field to another, feeding the array of wild animals that show up at her back door, or kicking back with her gal-pals to sip cocktails and gossip about favorite books and TV shows.

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