Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson and Bruce Van Sant. Launch The Trick-Start 7hp Dragbike Starter

May 04 00:32 2022
Drag racing enthusiast and founder of Hollywood Drag Racing, Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson, works with Bruce Van Sant of Van Sant Performance to launch the Trick-Start 7hp Dragbike Starter, an innovative drag bike starter tool

Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson has teamed up with Bruce Van Sant as the duo look to create an amazing experience for lovers of drag racing across the globe with the successful launch of the Trick-Start 7hp Dragbike Starter. The revolutionary drag bike starter tool is designed to enable the use of the same technology used by NHRA Top Fuel and Blown Alcohol teams for Dragbikes.

Drag racing has become increasingly popular over the years since it was started in the forties, as more people across the globe look to enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with it. In a related development, several brands have emerged to help people race faster and compete favorably without compromising safety and fun. However, the team at Hollywood Drag Racing, led by the forward-thinking Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson, looks to take the racing experience a notch higher, a claim recently substantiated by the launch of The Trick-Start 7hp Dragbike Starter.

The Trick-Start 7hp Dragbike Starter is designed with 1200 cranking amps and weighs in at 29 lbs for portability and user-friendliness. The drag bike starter tool, which is now available with the 7 hp Pingel starter for Pro Stock and very high compression applications, comes with a wide range of features that save riders the stress of clumsy start carts and heavy deep cycle batteries. It offers carbon fiber enclosed 24v lithium-ion battery with 7 to 10 years’ life and a 3-year warranty, laser-cut, aluminum lightweight framework, safe design, and built-in digital voltage gauge for monitoring battery level, as well as a fast charger, with a single charge lasting for a whole weekend of racing.

Chase Van Sant, the son of Bruce Van Sant of, also recently expressed his intention to ride in a new racing class pro stock motorcycle racing. He currently runs the Pro Ultra 4.60 racing class and will soon be adding the Pro Stock motorcycle racing class to his agenda.

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