World Renowned Speaker and Top Sales Strategist Joe Pici Earns Coveted #1 Spot for the Pici & Pici, Rapport Mastery© Sales Training System For the 3rd Year In Row

May 04 02:12 2022

For the third consecutive year Joe Pici earns coveted #1 Guru recognition for his sales development program. Ranking is determined by a nomination and judging process conducted by independent research group Global Gurus.

In Good Company

Joe Pici’s (#1) Rapport Mastery© Sales Training System outdistanced the competition although Global Guru’s list is dominated by a veritable Who’s Who of international sales stardom. Other notable figures that made the top 30 ranking include (#4) Grant Cardone (#7), The Rain Group, (#8) Mark Hunter’s Sales Hunter, (#3) Same Side Selling, and (2) Warrior Selling.

LIVE, In Person and Virtual Training

The Pici & Pici Rapport Mastery© sales training system has expanded in 2021 to include virtual training in addition to its LIVE sales boot camps and onsite corporate training. The virtual sales training program is plucked directly from his results driven, LIVE boot camps and combines 14 content rich courses, workbook, free downloads, with 53 video training modules.

What allowed Joe Pici to earn this coveted spot was his very unique, and effective, skills based training and speaking methodology. Joe believes talent, charisma, and intuition cannot be trained. However, he does believe skills, processes, and communications can be taught and mastered. Therefore, Joe’s training method has delivered results for individuals with varied levels of experience.

Global Guru judging research is collected from a pool of 22,000 business people, consultants, academics and MBAs globally, garnering nominations and public opinion.  The nominations in each category are shortlisted to 60 people before voting commences. Each nominee must receive at least 500 votes for inclusion in the final judging. Final judging is for the top 30 most influential speakers, trainers and/or consultants in their areas and must have received more than 500 votes each.  Each vote is verified as coming from unique users.

Criteria for judging primarily focuses on each thought leader as having an impactful unique perspective, system, or approach within their category of expertise. The second factor is public opinion. The breakdown of total voting criteria is as follows:

Public opinion – 30%

Originality of ideas – 30%

Impact of original ideas – 10%

Practicality of ideas – 10%

Presentation style – 10%

Number of publications and writings – 5%

Guru factor 5%

Ranked by Global Guru’s as the Top Sales Guru for 2020, Joe Pici is a strategist for top sales professionals and a coach specializing in results-driven sales training. For over thirty-five years, he has functioned as a catalyst for sales teams and individuals, helping them sharpen their skills for creating appointments and closing sales through his live phone call workshops.  Rapport Mastery™ sales training, a methodology exclusive to Pici & Pici Inc., is an extremely strong skill builder that is straightforward and easy to apply.

COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc., Joe is also co-author and intellectual resource behind the book Sell Naked on the Phone, Joe has expanded his knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turnkey system for success in sales.

“Joe Pici provided training for us that was effective and very unique. He was extremely well prepared and knowledgeable about our industry. What impresses me most was how he had our team immediately implement the training with LIVE TELEPHONE CONTACTING, which earned us FOUR TIMES MORE than his training cost. Now that’s what I call a GREAT DEAL!”  Larry Sutton – Founder of RNR Tires Express Franchise

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