Allan Franzner releases the album “Who Pays The Price?”

May 03 06:45 2022
A sneak peak of what’s inside the 50 minutes of music and political writing.

Multi-instrumentalist writer, musician and producer Allan Franzner just recently dropped his debut album. It’s called Who Pays The Price.

From heavy riffs and powerful vocals, to a more whispery, charmy tone and punchy beats that border on modern pop and hip-hop. From flutes and processed saxophone parts to longer endless guitar leads, this project covers large musical ground, and does it very masterfully.

Left wing musical cover themes such as late stage capitalism, the ruling class against the working class and the risk of climate catastrophe, but are done with great sarcasm and comical sense toward the hyped up lifestyle of CEO/startup culture, with jabs that hint on a sort of tech dystopia feeling like they’re coming directly for somebody like Elon Musk (see the title “Credit Cards, Caviar, Fancy Cars, Life On Mars”” track 4), patriarchy and abuse (see Flowers And Butterflies) and jabs at unionization (see Price Is Pay, Price Is High).

“I can’t cling too hard to the genre thing. It ‘s just a curse. I’m just happy I have a thing that stands on its own here musically. The lyrics are very important to me, political writing is probably one of the only things I consistently aspire to make perfect everywhere. Like, it’s important to me that in the process of digging into a song like ‘The Flower Blooms’ that the listener has to have a brain on their head to understand that it’s about poverty, and not a literal flower, but the flower blooming is the symbol I use to portray the person who has the ‘trash on fire it don’t feel as warm.”

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