The Tax Consultancy Firm Keeping US Expats Tax-Compliant While Helping Them Renounce Their Citizenship

May 03 06:30 2022
1040 Abroad is helping expats to swiftly renounce their US citizenship in record time without falling foul of the tax laws.


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The pandemic brought with it a lot of dysfunction and disruption to basic operations in many fields. An example of its severe impact was the abrupt closure of the US consulates, which led to a backlog of appointments for US expats looking to renounce their citizenship. As everything slowly goes back to normal, there has come a need to help hasten the process so these set of people can be quickly done with this process and go on with their lives. This is where 1040 Abroad is stepping in.

1040 Abroad is a Canadian-based tax consultancy that is helping U.S. expats to become tax compliant while living a life abroad that is devoid of any hassle. Founded by Olivier Wagner, a US expat himself, 1040 Abroad is all about maximizing the wealth of its clients while minimizing their tax burdens.   

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Olivier who is also the CEO of the tax firm explains further, “A conventional accountant may not be familiar with the rules governing how US expats are required to report income, corporations, bank accounts, deductions, or how to legally reduce your tax obligations. To make matters worse, even if you have gotten away without filing your taxes for some time, there’s no telling when you might find yourself facing the full scrutiny of the IRS.”

Renouncing your US citizenship is a complicated and complex thing to do. You ideally need an accountant who understands the nuances of the tax laws and how they impact you. At 1040 Abroad, we have years of experience dealing with such cases and the expertise to guide you through the entire process.”

1040 Abroad offers tax services that are comprehensive and detailed enough to forestall any loopholes in the future. Some of the services it offers include US tax preparation, tax saving analysis, free extension filing, federal and state tax returns among many others. The firm even goes further to help with both immigration to the US and emigration from the US. 

1040 Abroad is founded on the values of excellence, trust, and customer focus. The firm does not believe in using fear tactics to cajole customers to act. Instead, they see themselves as teachers providing a helping hand to people who are overwhelmed and earnestly seeking assistance.

“There’s no reason to be intimidated by the US tax rules or the renunciation process. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your case and ensure you have the information you need to save money, reduce your workload, and stay out of legal trouble.”

“We know that renouncing your US citizenship is not a decision you take lightly. Whether you are a US citizen by birth, accidental American, or digital nomad you’ve come to the right place. 1040 Abroad can help you handle your tax burdens and the renunciation of your US citizenship successfully and with minimum hassle,” Olivier concludes.

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