Visa2get Brings The Best Entrepreneurs In The U.S.

May 03 06:18 2022 is a business immigration consulting company, Visa2get’s goal is to help entrepreneurs get a US visa (E-2, O-1, L1-A, EB-1, EB-2 NIW) faster and cheaper than with the common attorney, in order to create, purchase, a business or open a foreign company branch in the United States.

“We have a straightforward process with a thorough business expertise that eliminates bankruptcies and hidden fees for U.S. business investors,” says Sacha Lamarck’s Visa2get, C.E.O & Founder. “Our services enable our clients to enjoy an in-house lawyer that brings his expertise doubled by our business development expertise for business creations and purchases.”

Sacha Lamarck Visa2get’s C.E.O & Founder arrived in the United States with an E-2 Visa as well, navigating the maze of the U.S. Immigration system, with its infinite forms, confusing questions, and thousands of dollars in legal fees.“The current immigration climate is very complex, with too many lawyers giving contradictory pieces of information for entrepreneurs without any business expertise,” Lamarck says. “We are ensuring that the business and legal support necessary for entrepreneurs visas are now accessible to everyone without paying extra business consultant fees on top of lawyer fees.”

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The business expertise at Visa2get is ensured by the founder Sacha Lamarck, with a strong track record as an entrepreneur in the field of real estate.

Sacha Lamarck was the first to create an automated valuation model for the real estate rental market in France, Sacha Lamarck managed as well, more than fifty projects in the real estate industry between France and USA as a home flipper and home stager.

Sacha Lamarck’s expertise goes beyond just the real estate industry as Sacha Lamarck has also past track records in the restaurant & food industry, and as a small business, and tech start-up creator which makes Sacha Lamarck, a great business visa consultant adaptable to multiple industries.

Choosing with Visa2get is getting a U.S Entrepreneur visa approved for only six thousand dollars, an application drafted, assembled by an in-house attorney, and a business plan included, which makes Visa2get, one of the cheapest places to get help for an E-2, O-1, L1-A Visas or an EB-1, EB-2 NIW Green Card.

Visa2get is a Los Angeles-based company providing business and legal expertise to global entrepreneurs willing to settle their business in the U.S. More information is available by visiting its website at or dialing +1 424-466-8333.

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