Sleep Ecosystem – The first Sleep-to-Earn protocol has dropped

May 03 00:00 2022
Sleep Ecosystem: The Sleep2Earn protocol on the Metaverse

According to recent statistics gathered by Med alert Help company following a survey conducted in the U.S. alone, 75% of patients who suffer depression are because of lack of sleep – otherwise known as insomnia. Conversely, lack of Sleep is most common in adults and psychiatric patients. Varying studies from a global perspective find that the prevalence of sleep deprivation is evident in about 30 percent of the world’s population – with some countries registering cases as high as 50 to 60 percent. 

The Sleep-to-Earn Solution

The Sleep Ecosystem opens a new frontier by financially incentivizing users to place a focal point on healthy habits with no compromises on productivity. 

It has been designed as the first solution providing a reward system to cater for the insomnia market. The Sleep Ecosystem, among its other unique functionalities, introduces a financial incentive that wholly accommodates an essential component of human physical and mental well-being. The ecosystem will offer a wide range of services linking DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi, all of which will be powered by the Sleep Ecosystem’s native token – $SLEEP. The decentralized App is a working product. You can check out their website at

The ecosystem will include the following features:

• Sleep-To-Earn: Sensorial Sleep Tracker

• SleepVerse: Metaverse and Land Distribution Game

• NFT Marketplace with NFT SleepyRabbits Collection

• A DeFi Solution (Non custodial wallet + Staking)

How does the Sleep Tracker work?

The app will keep a count of the time spent sleeping through the innovative sleep tracker feature and process a factor that is determined by a software applying the sleep tokens that you hold. The more you hold, the more you earn. The longer you hold, the more $SLEEP that you will receive. The more $SLEEP you possess, the more $BUSD rewards will be awarded to you.

As more people join the community and download the app, they are able to earn passively, contribute to the popularity and worth of the platform and earn the desired rewards. The quantum of sleep that gets tracked are convertible to sleep tokens on the app, which can then we withdraw to your wallet for use, transfer, or withdrawal.

SleepVerse Alpha Version

The SleepVerse Alpha Version allows for vocal and visual interactions between rab-

bits. It is accessible from both the WEB3 and Virtual Reality Devices.

The alpha version will be composed of:

– NFT Museum

The rabbit museum has been designed with an emphasis on the architectural side that has for the purpose of creating a futuristic looking gallery. It will showcase the rarest NFTs within SleepVerse, going from MarioRabbit to GoldenRabbit.

– Rabbit University

Educating the community is a priority for the Sleep Ecosystem. We are taking care of choosing the best professors to teach the community about a variety of topics related to cryptocurrency, self-development and well-being. Indeed, nowadays it is difficult for investors new to cryptocurrency to navigate the overflowing information available.

– Sport Podcast Stadium

Nowadays, sports is considered as one of the major entertainment sectors, however, there is no Metaverse that is exploring that field yet. The SleepVerse alpha version will provide sharing space space for soccer, basketball and football passionates to enjoy their favorite games commented by legendary sportsmens. Users will interact with each other in the stadium, and will be sitting in groups depending on the team they support.

– Wellness Center

SleepVerse’s Welness Center will be a facility furnished with high-tech equipment that will be used for various activities dedicated to users’ relaxation and pleasure. Yoga classes will be given as well as therapies for sleep enhancement such as hypnosis by professionals and story reading. A spa worthy of the greatest standards will be available for friends to hang out and enjoy the view from the clouds.

How to participate to their presale?

They are launching their presale 05/11/2022, check out their website at and follow their Telegram channel in order to get a chance to participate.

The Sleep ecosystem NFT marketplace sets the path for a succesfull BSC marketplace to finally materialize. We are bringing together collectors and holders, allowing them to trade and exchange non-fungible tokens for $SLEEP tokens . The marketplace is really simple; it all starts with a seller pushing out an item with a known value or in auction into the ecosystem, and trading such for cryptocurrency.

On the ecosystem’s platform, blockchain technology and NFTs can offer the perfect opportunity for artists and content creators to obtain remuneration for their work related to the Metaverse. Now, creators don’t have to depend anymore on auction houses or galleries for selling their artwork. On the contrary, an artist could just sell an artwork to a buyer in the form of NFT. This also helps the artists in getting a better share of the profits by helping the growth of our Metaverse.

DeFi Staking

The Sleep ecosystem will include staking pools with rewards distributed in both $SLEEP and $BUSD. By staking $SLEEP tokens , you are in a position to earn $SLEEP and $BUSD rewards in return, as every $SLEEP holder is eligible to stable coin rewards. We are also providing $BUSD rewards to holders making them able to earn $SLEEP in addition to $BUSD rewards. To be able to use the sleep tracker on the Sleep app, you need to stake tokens on the platform. The staking pools will be auto compounding your rewards and will give you the opportunity to choose your lockup periods. Thus, the longer you stake, the better your APY. Staking is an important feature of the tokenomics.

Blockchain protocols now position themselves as leading solutions to ongoing challenges faced by the mainstream. Innovations within the space represent potential revolutions across industries that will shape our future daily life. The Sleep Ecosystem, among its other unique functionalities, introduces a financial incentive that wholly accommodates an essential component of human physical and mental well-being. The ecosystem will offer a wide range of services linking DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi, all of which will be powered by the Sleep Ecosystem’s native token – $SLEEP.

SleepVerse, the first Metaverse product destined to allow for the free creation of well-being related real estate, will contribute to the network effect surrounding this project, allowing our community to thrive within the sleeping industry.

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