Epic Travel Adventure Unveils the Source of the Living Grail – Inaiya Ray’s Newly Released Book is a Catalyst for Transformational Healing and Awakening

January 27 18:36 2022

Mount Shasta, California, USA – January 27, 2022 – Renowned author, Intuitive Life Coach and facilitator of Transformational Temple Arts, Inaiya Ray has now released her latest book, The Grail Rider: Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia ~ An Unbridled Memoir. The book is an epic travel adventure that recounts her journey across Mythic lands as she embarks on a spiritual quest to unveil the true nature of the living Grail. Inaiya reveals her personal and transpersonal revelatory experiences instilled with love, humor, and the quandaries of a modern-day Priestess who traverses the realms of evolutionary Love. The Grail Rider is a spiritual memoir, layered with inspired wisdom from over 30 contributing thought leaders and poets and serves as an alchemical treasure map that shifts paradigms while transforming all areas of one’s life.

The Grail Rider begins in 2005 when Inaiya has a life-altering encounter with her Family of Light and the Divine Mother Sophia during a sacred ceremony that catalyzes Inaiya’s journey of discovery and awakening. The story is a highly immersive deep dive that unlocks a living archive of spiritual wisdom left behind by the great Mystics and Wayshowers throughout time. The material for this book comes to her through a series of synchronistic events and serendipitous encounters as she travels across England, France, Italy and Greece and encounters her sacred masculine mirror. The book was written to inspire readers to journey along with her through the inner alchemy of the Divine Inner Marriage. Inaiya is now sharing her timeless adventure with her readers in an endeavor to inspire and assist them to return to integrative wholeness and contribute to the emergent golden age that is being guided by the over-lighting wisdom of the Christos Sophia.

Inaiya Ray is an author, Akashic Intuitive and New Earth Wayshower dedicated to the art of conscious evolution and planetary awakening. She is also the founder of The Living Chalice: School of New Earth Temple Arts where she facilitates transformational workshops, global retreats and serves an international clientele as an Akashic Intuitive healer and Evolutionary Life Coach. She believes that as each being embodies their sovereignty and Divine essence, their soul gifts are liberated to enliven and enrich the fabric of the whole. This new book transmits timeless codes of wisdom light that touch the core of our human journey while vibrationally aligning us with our wild divine nature. Inaiya generously shares the golden gifts harvested from her ever-evolving quest to illuminate, inspire and elicit one’s highest potential in loving service to the birthing of a New Earth Humanity.

Inaiya facilitates transformational Retreats, Evolutionary Temple Arts and Sacred Ceremonies throughout the world. She is a highly experienced Akashic Awakening intuitive and offers Evolutionary Life Coaching and energetic attunements to assist people to embody sovereignty and create their most authentic life as empowered Wayshowers of an emerging New Earth.

Inaiya Ray is available for interviews, podcasts and speaking events.

The Grail Rider: Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QNYTKK7

About Inaiya Ray: https://www.thelivingchalice.com

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