Thingy Flip, the first hand-eye coordination grading system, is a game-changer for kids

January 17 18:15 2022
This innovative product is targeted towards developing the cognitive abilities of kids. The Thingy Flip has a fun unique Licence system for hand-eye coordination grading.

The Thingy Flip, a first-of-its-kind, We have maths test and English tests and now finally we have a way to grade eye-hand coordination, it’s an educational game-changer. Aimed at improving the cognitive skills in kids, this unique product amplifies the skills necessary for juggling and requires them to catch on all five sides of the device (product seen in the picture). The Thingy flip has been regarded as a fun and stimulating educational and developmental tool as kids learn motor actions such as catching and throwing by practicing with this product. 

“I’m excited to introduce The Thingy Flip to schools as I believe this is going to radically change the way we teach kids hand-eye coordination. I foresee this becoming a base tool in schools across the world. This not only helps in improving hand-eye coordination but also helps develop other cognitive abilities,” said Dominic See, founder, and inventor of Thingy Flip.

He further adds, “The Thingy Flip is my passion, and it is a result of my journey in school coupled with a burning desire to create a product that will help kids me like who have a tough time focusing & concentrating. Around the age of 9, I became obsessed with juggling, and this passion not only helped me socially, but it improved my grades dramatically.” 

Research shows that juggling helps increase grey matter in the brain and improves cognitive skills. “I feel juggling had a direct impact on my grades, and it is a skill that requires an extreme amount of concentration. Based on the same principle, I invented Thingy Flip, which offers hundreds of engaging games that kids love. This is a product that can be utilized by kids and adults alike,” noted Dominic.

Today, where kids get access to multiple devices at a young age, it has been noticed that IQ levels are going down significantly, also 70% of children age 13 are leaving all sports, which has become a cause of concern for many. This was another key driver for Dominic that led to the invention of Thingy Flip. 

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