Zirve: Leader in High-Tech Implementation in Turkish Agriculture

December 06 22:45 2021

New York City, NY, USA – Zirve has been successfully aiding Turkish agriculture for 25 years, supporting animal nutrition as well as care, production, and construction. The company supports farmers and growers of any range, from family to corporations, efficiently delivering high-tech agricultural services.

Agriculture is regarded as an art and science of growing crops, cultivating soil, and raising livestock. Agriculture was the key element that enabled people to live in cities and provide the lifestyle we enjoy today. Almost every corner of human practice has lived to see a vast improvement in the past 100 years. Turkish agriculture is no exception. Zirve is the name and face of high-tech implementation in Turkish agriculture.

The key to successful livestock raising is understanding your animals. As Zirve is constantly working on finding a better high-tech solution for Turkish agriculture, animal nutrition, health care, and disease prevention, the company introduced smaXtec Base Station software. Using smaXtec will provide you with an in-depth understanding of every animal on your farm, while smaXtec continuously reads detailed information about the animals on your list. In addition to heat detection, you will receive early calving alerts from smaXtec, which will significantly increase the quality of work, as well as the economic success of your farm.

Based on the latest science, developed and licensed by Cornell University, Zirve introduced the user-friendly ration calculation software. Implemented to create, evaluate, and evolve the most cost-effective rations at meeting the animal nutrient requirements, Zerve’s ration calculation software is bound to maximize your time, while providing full program training as well as technical consulting by experts.

The company has shown a transferable understanding of Turkish agriculture while accountable for developing a variety of support products, such as silage additives, herbal products, as well as milk, and calf milk replacers. Zirve also made its’ mark in the evolution of milk fat production, developing supplements that protect rumen from by-pass fats.

Proving they are the leading company in high-tech implementation in Turkish agriculture, Zirve productively engages in packaging, export, and transportation of fresh vegetables and fruits. Using first-rate packaging as well as cold storage facilities, the company can export fruits and vegetables from all around Turkey the whole year-round.

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