Self Esteem and Self Confidence Restored by Beauty Secrets Plus for Women Facing Skin and Health Issues

November 24 18:06 2021
Beauty Secrets Plus helps women aged 30-55 rediscover health and their zest for life. The holistic soul, mind, body approach to overall wellness is actuated through videos, courses, and learning exercises. Women who are looking to overcome apprehensions and make a fresh start benefit from this course.

According to announcements released by Beauty Secrets Plus and Elizabeth Farr, the health and wellness courses on offer enable women to regain self esteem and self confidence that may have been shaken due to life issues and health problems. 

Stress can manifest as unhealthy skin that can further dent confidence and stop a person from getting ahead in life.

Beauty Secrets Plus enables women aged 30-55 to overcome a loss of confidence and regain health through a process that addresses issues more deeply. It focuses on stimulating beauty and not just physical prettiness, which is only skin deep. Beauty Secrets Plus follows a system for reenergizing body, mind, and soul through diet, exercise, and positivity.

Participants learn about foods and lifestyle changes that prevent fatigue. They are taught steps that keep mental exhaustion at bay. The result is that women can enjoy quality time at home with family and recharge their batteries for a new day instead of being tired and irritable at the end of a workday.

Beauty Secrets Plus enables women to meet their career objectives. They no longer feel held back by hesitation and shyness in asking for help or when giving instructions. The website offers courses that empower women to make the most of their time and enrich their lives. The first step is the most challenging, and Elizabeth Farr handholds her clients while they take that significant initial step toward life-affirming change. Women learn how to connect with and trust their inner voices that are never wrong. They also learn how to harness the power of information available on the internet for the benefit of themselves and their families.

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Elizabeth Farr of Beauty Secrets Plus said, “Through 13+ years developing skin care for the natural beauty industry, I’ve witnessed many women experiencing a deeper issue than unhealthy skin. They suffer below the surface with low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity. I believe that beauty begins with self-confidence, which your mindset can only strengthen. I created Beauty Secrets Plus (Soul/Mind/Body) to provide e-books, courses, and interactive videos to go beyond skin care’s exterior benefits and dig deeper by helping women face and overcome those feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.

“I wanted to help as many women as possible, so our courses are within a convenient membership site for a one-time, low payment offer. We use an interruption technique to keep our students engaged with the content.

“This technique is in the form of interactive videos found at the beginning of each training module which help to immerse the student in habit-forming holistic activities. This provides a short mental break from the content while also putting into practice the many self-improvement strategies found in the training modules.

“At the end of every training module is a worksheet to enhance the students’ connection to the material. They can discover new things about themselves and how they relate to the content.

“This 1-2-3 style (1. Follow the video 2. Read the content 3. Do the worksheets) provides increased results and better success for long-term transformation.”

About the Company:

Beauty Secrets Plus enables women in the age group 30-55 to benefit from the expertise of Elizabeth Farr, who has created a comprehensive yet easy-to-implement package of learning. It educates on how to achieve optimum skin health and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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