Entrepreneur Joanna Lewis Is on a Mission to Inspire the Youth and Spread Positivity to the World through Arts and Entertainment

November 22 14:39 2021
Entrepreneur Joanna Lewis Is on a Mission to Inspire the Youth and Spread Positivity to the World through Arts and Entertainment

Joanna recently started a new and upcoming corporation Lewis Entertainment Inc and is offering free worldwide distribution through Amazon Prime Video to give independent film creators the opportunity to get their projects seen that typically Hollywood would never give the chance. Additionally, Lewis Entertainment, Inc currently has several groundbreaking films and TV shows in development that are predicted to be the next big thing in hollywood.

Joanna is building a team of like-minded people to stand up and be the change this generation needs. As of now, Hollywood is doing the bare minimum to bridge the gap between society as they continue to control and manipulate the outcome of what they decide is relevant enough to put on your TV screen. The industry is consistently influencing people to chase false realities and unattainable lifestyles as a marketing scheme to make more money. These companies call themselves influential but what are they actually influencing people to do? Our focus is to shed light on social injustices and create a future where creatives can think freely and be themselves.

As Joanna continues to trail blaze a new path in Hollywood for creators in entertainment, her projects have also piqued interest from top studios and A-list investors to bring the vision to life. Although the coronavirus unfortunately set things back with pre-production and filming, Lewis Entertainment Inc is on track to go full speed in the upcoming year of 2022. Each project offers an extremely wide range of various genres and topics that are iconic in their own way.

Everyone has their own perspective on Hollywood, but in reality, it is filled with thousands of talented people behind the scenes working day and night to make the entertainment we love come to life. What people don’t see is the persistence and sacrifice it takes to stay consistent in this business. It’s important to stay ready and be prepared for anything that life throws at you, know who you are, and what you’re trying to accomplish, especially in this industry.  Every day, you have the chance to impact the people around you whether it’s smiling, or just being there for a person in need. Join us on this journey as we continue to grow and shift the culture one day at a time. 

Lewis Entertainment Inc is now accepting submissions for  distribution for movies, TV shows, short films, reality TV, music videos, educational, reporting and journalism, sporting events, concerts, live shows, and more. Contact for additional information.

To learn more, follow Lewis Entertainment, Inc. on Instagram or follow Joanna Lewis on Instagram.

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