Music and Business: A Revolutionary Union in Networking MNO leverages the power of social capital with their one-of-a-kind Play It Forward philosophy

October 25 17:54 2021
Music and Business: A Revolutionary Union in Networking MNO leverages the power of social capital with their one-of-a-kind Play It Forward philosophy
Music Network One
Finally, a merging of two unique business groups for networking and business promotion. Music Network One offers a new way to network and reach the ideal customer.

Tustin, CA – OCTOBER 25, 2021 – Business and music: not the clearest of compliments at first thought. However, putting together these two worlds to create a cross-disciplinary online marketing network that leverages the social capital of both musicians and business professionals in a mutually beneficial manner is, well, nothing short of a work of art. Of course, art must come from artists, and when it comes to Music Network One (MNO), the artists are co-founders Emo Alaeddin and Melissa Levin.

Pulling off this union of disciplines certainly requires the respective expertise. Emo, appropriately, is an award-winning musician and producer. His love for music together with his love of helping fellow musicians succeed is a fundamental piece of the MNO puzzle. The original idea, after all, came from Emo’s plan to bring local musicians together to help mutually promote each other’s social media. This spirit of mutual assistance would turn into the Play It Forward principle, and would bring together the founding chapter of MNO. The musical networking organization was destined to be more still, however, and one guest in attendance at the celebratory launch would make sure of it.

Financial planning expert, business referral guru, cross-industry networker, and local music lover, Melissa Levin was the magic touch that would help transform this networking group into the groundbreaking organization that MNO is today. Her expertise in interdisciplinary networking laid the vision out clearly: a hybrid of music promotion and referral generation. Soon after, Music Network One was officially established, positioning Emo and Melissa as the founders of an organization that perfectly blends music, business, fun, structure, and events.

“I built my business on referral networking, and overtime I couldn’t help but notice that the landscape was changing drastically due to online platforms like social media,” said Melissa Levin. “But, even then, the solutions for referral networking were staying the same. When Emo and I started this company to bridge this gap, Emo conceptualized that it was as if the traditional networking groups were blockbuster, and that our members were going to come to the table with MNO like consumers did Netflix to never stop improving.”The magic of MNO is both simple and genius. Chapter-hosted business seminars can be a great chance for musicians to receive exposure and make important contacts by performing in between sessions, and business professionals that have supported musicians can also receive recognition and exposure at chapter-hosted musical events. The revolutionary MNO app also cuts out the ambiguity of cross-industry marketing, since individuals can curate the messages that are shared and sent out about them beforehand.

From an industry-changing philosophy, to a unique social media networking application and a fundamental Play It Forward spirit, MNO is changing the way business and music networking function for the better. From the joint forces of founding members Emo Alaeddin and Melissa Levin, MNO can make sure your online business networking really rocks. 

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