Students Learn to Prepare for the GRE from UC Merced

October 22 08:00 2021
Students Learn to Prepare for the GRE from UC Merced

Preparing for the Graduate Record Exam, often abbreviated as GRE, can be stressful for students. There are so many areas to study, and time is often ticking on how long a student has to prepare. With this guide, individuals will learn some tips that will assist them in preparing for the GRE so they can be prepared to apply to graduate school at the University of California, Merced.

What Is the GRE?

The GRE general test is simply a standardized test that is given by the Educational Testing Service. This test is designed to see if students are prepared to attend graduate school by measuring their overall educational readiness.

While the GRE general test is the only requirement for some graduate schools, others go a step further and require students to complete the GRE subject test. This test measures the student’s specific knowledge of disciplines such as mathematics, psychology, or physics.

Most people will find the general GRE is very similar to the SAT test they took in high school. The general test measures a student’s competency in math, writing, and reading, to ensure they are prepared to undertake the educational demands of graduate school.

What Are the GRE Test Subjects?

Before successfully studying for the GRE exam, individuals need to be aware of the subjects they will be tested on so they can be prepared. It is important students do well on this test so they will successfully stand out from other college applicants by demonstrating their level of skill and knowledge.

It is important individuals are prepared to answer questions on a myriad of subjects. The following are some of the tests that are available, should a graduate program require students to pursue testing beyond the general test. Those who would like to learn more about these tests should visit

● Psychology

● Biology

● Physics

● Chemistry

● Literature in English

● Mathematics

Summary of Each of the Subject Tests Available

Study materials are available to help students master each of the above subject tests. It is essential individuals are highly prepared for this test by studying each subject in depth. The following offers a brief summary of each subject test that is available for graduate students. Those who need further information should visit


The biology test focuses on three subject matters in biology, which include ecology, evolution, and organismal biology. These subjects account for 1/3 of the questions on the exam.


In the psychology exam, students will be given questions on six study subjects that include measurement and methodology, cognitive, social, biological, developmental, and clinical psychology.


The physics examination includes a lot of questions on optics and wave phenomena. It also includes questions on thermodynamics, electromagnetism, classical mechanics, and special relativity, among others.


There are four categories of chemistry that include inorganic, analytical, organic, and physical. There is a greater weight on organic and physical chemistry in the questions.


Half of the mathematics exam places a full focus on calculus. The remainder of the exam covers a broad range of mathematical topics.

Literature in English

A large component of the exam is based on demonstrating literary analysis. Students must also master understanding the theory and history of literary criticism.

Start Studying Now

It takes time to prepare for the GRE, whether it be general or beyond. With the information above, students should be able to focus on studying for these tests and getting a high score.

UC Merced Graduate Division is dedicated to helping students pursue their graduate education, whether they are just starting the process of considering their options or need assistance in studying for the GRE. The staff serves students through the entire preparation process and the exam.

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