SafariSwap Token Sales Surge To $930K In Q3 As Crypto Asset Frenzy Hits New Heights

October 19 03:09 2021
SafariSwap has seen exponential growth, tripling the number of token purchases, ELP growth since the beginning of its launch on PancakeSwap.

Since being made public to retail investors, SafariSwap has received largely favorable responses from wildlife conservation enthusiasts and early investors alike. The Total Value Locked (TVL) is currently at $930,294 USDT, with the price of its token, the $Nature, growing at a stable pace to $2.3545. As compared to other newly launched tokens, SafariSwap has captured emerging technology trends and integrated a better NFT standard to provide a dynamic ecosystem with extremely attractive returns to its community.

How SafariSwap Achieves Stable Growth

High volatility is commonplace in token trading. The low volatility and stability of SafariSwap may have surprised even seasoned players of token trading. The reasons for SafariSwap’s stability may primarily be attributed to 2 events.

1. Early Liquidity Providers (ELPs) may only have their tokens released progressively across a span of 18 months.

With crypto projects, pump and dump schemes are a real threat that may cripple investor confidence. Many tokens have seen unscrupulous market manipulators jack token prices sky high only to cause massive losses to later investors. This happens when market manipulators suddenly withdraw their positions on large scales. To protect SafariSwap’s supporters and to prevent this from happening, ELPs may only have their tokens released progressively across a span of 18 months. Penalties are also implemented for the first 12 months for early withdrawals. Such measures ensure that the TVL is stable with no abrupt or major disturbances. 

2. A $800,000 USDT Initial Liquidity TimeLock Contract is in place to ensure there is no rug pull.

To further protect the value of $Nature and the interests of its supporters, a $800,000 USDT Initial Liquidity TimeLock Contract has been put in place to ensure that funds are not suddenly withdrawn at the costs of other investors. This provides confidence to existing and future investors that the team will not take off with the liquidity money. This is also what primarily differentiates a scam coin from a real one. More details of the contract and its source code may be found here. This measure ensures that no detrimental influence may be caused by any malicious Governor on SafariSwap’s investors. The focus is majorly on providing consistent stability and growth of the TVL.

Future Outlook & Upcoming Games

SafariSwap is a whole ecosystem itself and it is also one of the most affordable platforms with absolutely minimum fees.

It has no hidden agenda; SafariSwap aims purely to conserve wildlife through blockchain and provide profit for those who care.

It offers the best UI and features of all platforms. It is easy to use; one may purchase $NATURE tokens on PancakeSwap, purchase NFT collectibles, farm for more liquidity, withdraw on lock completion, open up a treasure box for more rewards; all in a matter of seconds. To top it all, one may also simply level up his or her NFTs with NFTs gotten from the treasure box which gives higher yield and profit. If anyone is looking for a token to hold on to dear life (HODL) and attain stable growth, $Nature may just be the one to look out for.

To know more about how to purchase $NATURE tokens on PancakeSwap

Learn how to be a SafariSwap Trooper with SafariSwap’s step-by-step guide on it’s Youtube channel.

About SafariSwap

SafariSwap is a groundbreaking new system that is designed to revolutionize charitable giving. By using defi technology to generate resources for charities, SafariSwap provides complete transparency towards charitable contributions and reflects shareholders’ Voices. This creates sustainability and also revolutionizes wildlife conservation efforts around the world through DeFi.

Embark on this journey with SafariSwap today and work together towards ending the poaching and exploitation of endangered animals altogether.

Stay tuned for more updates!

SafariSwap, a giant leap for all wildlife.

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