Saajal, an anonymous review platform, helping businesses and educational institutions through quality feedback.

September 10 00:12 2021
The Saajal mobile application provides the perfect platform for businesses to receive comments, compliments, and complaints from associated members.

Saajal application offers an anonymous online platform that employees can use to send honest feedback to upper management. It is the perfect opportunity for managers and supervisors to get ahead of workplace-related issues. Fixing these issues will directly impact employee productivity, and the company can provide better value to its customers. 

Employees can feel somewhat reluctant while voicing their concerns about workplace issues. The primary reason for this behavior is the looming fear of backlash and authority. Even if a boss presents himself as approachable, the employees will always feel hesitant while providing feedback related to workplace issues. This situation leads to a decline in productivity while also adding to the dissatisfaction of employees. 

Saajal also helps consumer-focused businesses by delivering customer feedback directly to their inbox. Surveys show that more than 80 percent of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. 

Having negative reviews on public media can damage a company’s reputation indefinitely. Saajal helps businesses tackle this problem by managing their market sentiment. Moreover, this platform allows business owners to reply to customer feedback, informing them how their issue has been addressed. 

Similarly, Saajal helps encourage student participation by giving them a voice. Students often experience shyness and the fear of appearing dumb while speaking up in class. This issue hinders their ability to carry knowledge and damages their self-esteem. But with, these students can directly send questions and feedback to professors anonymously.

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About Saajal

Saajal is an online anonymous review platform helping all kinds of businesses thrive in this competitive market. With the help of feedback from customers and employees, companies can better manage their workplace issues and general sentiment regarding their brand. Moreover, this platform also assists educational institutions by giving their students a voice.

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