Lisa Harper Advocates For Justice In Her New Book – #MiltonToo

September 01 13:48 2021
Lisa Harper Advocates For Justice In Her New Book - #MiltonToo
Master storyteller and entrepreneur, Lisa Harper, releases #MiltonToo, a new book about racism, justice, and accountability in estate administration

Lisa Harper is known for her stance on justice and she recently brought it to bear following the release of a new book titled #MiltonToo – 7 Years of Intentional Systemic Racism. The new piece chronicles how a group of white Americans unlawfully dismantled the estate of an African American after his demise, leaving his family devastated. 

The subject of system injustice has continued to generate conversation across different quarters. Over the years, several initiatives have emerged to reduce the menace. Unfortunately, little seems to have been achieved in this regard. Consequently, Lisa Harper aims to use her storytelling skills to raise awareness about the issue, as substantiated by her latest book.

According to Lisa, the situation is even more worrisome as the system seems to have supported the dastardly act as no county official contacted the family regarding the passing of their loved one. The book sheds more light on the deficient Texas justice system and the need for the laws on estate administration to be changed to ensure fairness and prevent lawlessness. 

#MiltonToo is currently available on Amazon for readers worldwide.

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Lisa Harper is an author and entrepreneur who uses her masterful storytelling skills to adapt morality messages into fun and captivating narratives. Over the years, she has delivered several solutions, including, an app and selling platform for readers seeking guidance in an increasingly fast-paced and complicated world. Lisa uses her skills to battle bullying through the eyes of an adventurous little dog or empowering women to turn their relationships over to God, her authentic voice shines through every page of the text.

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