Garrett Niconienko on His Resolve to Dispel the Stigma Surrounding the Crypto Space

August 31 22:15 2021
Garrett Niconienko on His Resolve to Dispel the Stigma Surrounding the Crypto Space

The crypto space has been gaining momentum in the past decade, and with more people hopping on the latest digital currency, more questions have been asked about its legitimacy. Despite the benefits that it presents, many are still in doubt, as others with little to no knowledge regarding cryptocurrency. Garrett Niconienko, a known celebrity on the internet, has recently joined the fad and has been utilizing his knowledge to shed light on digital currency.

Garrett Niconienko is a name that many fans of Mr. Beast are familiar with. Mr. Beast is a renowned YouTuber who is responsible for stepping up content creation through his challenges, donations, and vlogs. When Mr. Beast started to rise to fame, he enlisted some of his closest childhood friends to his team. Joining him in several videos, Garrett has won a total of $30,000 in a couple of challenges. However, he would later leave to help Mr. Beast’s brother develop his channel. 

During his endeavors, the cryptocurrency space had started to grow, catching Garrett’s interest. So he started to delve into the crypto space, reaching out to other experts to learn more. Initially, the people Garrett reached out to lead him to dead ends, wasting months of his time. However, he was able to weed out the bad seeds by creating friendships with integrity-based crypto influencers. Despite his connections, Garrett grew passionate and sought to make an alliance with good integrity-based projects with good solid products.

“I’ve learned that the people in the crypto space that are actually trying to use their platforms to actually build out products and help the world progress want the same thing as integrity-based crypto influencers,” shared Garrett, “That is to cut the needless pump and dumps and shillings from bad projects and influencers who are unknowingly causing massive amounts of damage to the space.”

Eager to play a role in educating others, Garrett Niconienko decided to return to school. He is currently navigating his way through the crypto space and paving the way for other influencers to follow. Garrett is aware of how competitive the online world is today, with influencers trying to make significant breakthroughs. He also knows how tricky and complicated it can be for an influencer’s platform to monetize its following. Due to the competitive nature of internet fame, it can be easy for people to promote the wrong things, leading them to trouble. Garrett is driven to build the bridge between modern-day social media marketing and crypto marketing. He is going to teach a lecture regarding NFTs at the Miller School of Business at East Carolina University with graduate Brady Hillhouse. 

With a massive following from his previous collaborations with MrBeast, Garrett has been using his platform to dispel the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the crypto space. Ultimately, Garrett Niconienko hopes to build a space that allows crypto marketing and influencers to collaborate. He is currently working to help create and develop the systems for his goal.

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