Rising pop singer Dagnell’ hums a heart-touching tale of life after betrayal in upcoming single “Siren Song”

August 31 02:21 2021
“Siren Song” is an upcoming single by Dagnell’ which shares the agony of the painful life after betrayal through melodious tunes and velvet vocals.

Thailand, Bangkok – August 30, 2021 – Great news for pop fans looking for a new track this summer. Popular Russian pop artist Dagnell’ has recently announced to release her new single in the coming months. Titled “Siren Song”, the single plays a soulful rendition with soft notes and heart-touching vocals. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the release of my upcoming single ‘Siren Song’. This is going to be my first release in 2021 and hence is extremely special. I am hopeful pop lovers and my fans would love my new number and shower it with the same love as they have shown to all my previous works”, stated Dagnell’.

“Siren Song” tells the story of a lovelorn girl who had faced betrayal time and again. Every time she fell in love, she ended up being heartbroken as her lovers never really cared for her. Worse, they left her in tears despite all their big promises of a rosy life together forever.  And it’s this very pain of betrayal which becomes too overwhelming to bear at times, turning women like her into sirens or witches looking for revenge.  

The song starts with soft notes and gradually picks up a mystique vibe like that of a mysterious siren summoning bewildered men to avenge all the wrongs done to her. 

“Betrayal in love is agonizing to the core. It not only breaks your heart but breaks your whole spirit, leaving you almost in a zombie state for months. Things are more traumatic when you are betrayed by those very people who have given you hope of a good life together, made you fall in love, only to leave you stranded after a while. ‘Siren Song’ hums a similar tragic story of an unfortunate girl who has been badly betrayed by her lovers despite her sincere efforts to work out the relationships. And today, it’s that trauma of betrayal which has turned her into a completely different person- a person full of hate- a siren or witch who now seeks revenge for all the wrongs done to her”, explained Dagnell’. 

“I believe, every one, who has been betrayed in love would be able to relate to the song. It’s a number that will become your soul song when you are looking for something comforting to ease the pain and agony you too had faced in your own love life.” 

About the artist: 

One of the most promising names in Russian and international pop scenes, Dagnell’ graduated with a degree in solo singing from the Faculty of Music, Theater and Choreography of Herzen University. She has performed in various major venues across St. Petersburg and Moscow, including Moscow Barvicha Luxury Village concert hall and St. Petersburg Philharmonia and Giant Hall, Moscow Barvicha Luxury Village concert hall. She has also been the lead vocalist of South Korean k-pop girl group and participated in recording the soundtrack for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. Besides, the singer has been a voice-over artist for the popular Sega game “Valkyria Chronicles 4”. She has recorded the soundtrack for another game called “13 Sentinels Aegis Rim” as well. The rising Russian pop artist is also a songwriter and has written 2 tracks in 2020 which have been released by the esteemed Bentley Records. Over the years, Dagnell’ has collaborated with a number of famous music composers, including the likes of Denis Murzin, Deema Loren, Constant Z and so on.

For more information, please visit https://mydagnell.com/about or Visit Soundcloud.

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