Meet the Future of Sports, BRIGHT is changing the way to play sports

August 31 02:03 2021
BRIGHT is a Netherlands-based sports brand that specializes in manufacturing uniquely designed sports balls that are completely new to the market.

BRIGHT is a unique sports company that introduced its exquisite BRIGHT Ball products to the market in 2020. The brand is committed to developing interesting, unique, and innovative products for sports fans and enthusiasts while also ensuring that their Bright Balls are as practical and useful as they are beautiful. 

The company’s mission is to hone its manufacturing and technological skills to deliver the finest, most flamboyant sports balls to the market:

“We have spent months perfecting the BRIGHT balls because we know what a difference a good ball makes on the pitch. So BRIGHT will always continue to innovate while creating the best experience for you!”

The purpose of BRIGHT is to create a product that can cater to the needs of children, teens, adults, sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and content creators. Aesthetically exquisite and complemented by an authentic feel, Bright balls are professional sports tools that aim to support the grace, elegance, and uniqueness of style of the people who use them. 

Content creators, YouTubers, and influencers with football and basketball skills now have an opportunity to create unique content:

“The ball lights up on your phone screen if you take a photo/video with your mobile phone with the ‘flash’ enabled’. You can create the coolest content without any editing. Showing off your football skills on social media has never been as eye-catching as it is now!”

The Bright balls are manufactured of pioneering holographic leather with photo-reflective properties. While exposed to flashes of smartphone lights, the leather glows brightly in vivid colors. 

One of BRIGHT’s primary goals is to provide a brand-new way for athletes to make football practices, training, and all forms of exercise more entertaining and more inspiring:

“BRIGHT is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit of enthusiasm, always looking to positively impact the mindset and lifestyle of our athletes. Everything we do at BRIGHT is to improve the quality of life of our athletes. BRIGHT exists to keep the spirit of athletes uplifted, inspired, and in love with the game of sport.”

The BRIGHT team is constantly working on improving their technologies and products features, all the while keeping their products available at highly approachable prices. 

The company’s customer service is available to all website visitors and customers while the brand can be reached at any given time via a ticket. BRIGHT products are also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, supporting the primary goal and mission of BRIGHT to satisfy its customers.

BRIGHT balls were met with numerous positive reviews and comments by hundreds of verified buyers. Jeremiah expressed his satisfaction with his BRIGHT Ball by stating:

“Very happy with this ball. Made nice pictures of it. Super fast delivery! Thanks a lot!”

Sue had similar sentiments, voicing her opinion on BRIGHT products on the same platform by stating:

“Had ordered this one for my daughter, and it was such a nice ball that I also ordered one for her cousin!”

With BRIGHT becoming bigger, the future of sport looks BRIGHT.

More information on BRIGHT can be found on the brand’s official website.

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