Seeking Greatness Commits to Helping Ambitious Women Unlock Their Unlimited Potential

August 30 16:51 2021
Seeking Greatness is a Coaching Academy that offers guidance, mentorship, and consulting services.

Obstacles are natural in life, although some people are absorbed by them. This typically leads them to remain in the same position, living inside an endless loop of “it will be better someday”. Women desire to reach all their dreams and desires, however their limited thinking is what stops them from going after their goals.

Many women are stuck feeling like life isn’t moving in the direction they want it to go. The Seeking Greatness Academy offers guidance with a 6-month mentorship program so the clients can aim high and achieve impossible goals.

Seeking Greatness is committed to helping women of all ages overcome personal & professional obstacles by leading them on a journey of self-growth and improvement.

Sylvia Kornas, the founder of Seeking Greatness, is a transformation coach with more than 10 years of experience. She points out that her company has helped hundreds of women overcome various obstacles that life had bestowed upon them through mentorship and guidance. She states:

“I understand how it’s like to hit the invisible ceiling and feel stuck. All you want is to know that you are the best version of yourself so you can create an impact for your family, in your business, in your workplace. If you are a woman that is ready to dream big and become free from your past, get rid of limiting beliefs, is coachable, and is willing to change, we can definitely help you. No matter where you are in life right now, the direction of your future is your choice.”

Sylvia wrote an open letter that is addressed to all potential customers, clients, and website visitors. Sylvia empathizes with all women who’ve struggled with anxiety, fears of uncertainty, and failure, stating:

“I am writing to you as I feel a deep desire to share with you, why, despite all the achievements in your life, you might be feeling stuck or empty inside, experiencing negative self-talk and living in fear of uncertainty, and to assure you that there is a way of breaking free from your current ways of thinking.”

Sylvia Kornas originated from a middle-class social background, which led her to pursue high-wage, high-stress jobs in her early life. After 12 years working at a highly paid corporate job, Sylvia realized that working without any days off and suffering from such a degree of stress may not be worth the time. So, she founded Seeking Greatness. 

The company is committed to all individuals who may be experiencing self-doubt, inertia, problems with reaching the next level in life; every individual who isn’t happy with their current position has a place in this world, and Sylvia’s Seeking Greatness aims to light the way. Many women out there are quie eager to experience the next level in their lives but are often held back by nothing but their own limited thinking.

More information on Seeking Greatness and the brand’s services can be found at the company’s official website.

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