R.E.D Journals: Helping couples Remember, Edify, and Devote

August 30 16:39 2021
The company on a mission to keep families together.

R.E.D Journals is a passionate brand on a mission. As the world’s first fully automated online love journal, it’s an accessible, convenient way for couples to record their love for each other forever.

Like a regular love journal, R.E.D. Journals lets couples record their answers to questions about their relationship. These prompts are short and sweet questions about how they met, what their first impressions of each other were, and other topics to help them rekindle their love.

But R.E.D. Journals are digital and automated. Every Monday and Friday, couples subscribed to the service receive a message with a relationship-building question to answer. After answering, the response is recorded forever in a beautiful, customizable PDF format.

Additionally, the other spouse is notified to help both people stay on track. Both couples answer the same question, allowing them to compare answers. Once the answers are saved, the couple can scroll through the answers at any time—all from the comfort of their computer or smart device.

It’s hard to understate the value of recording romantic responses forever. Not only are there major benefits to keeping a journal, but there are therapeutic advantages that unify couples.

The couple who founded R.E.D. Journals know the power of recording their love. A few years ago, while working through the struggles of a difficult divorce, they stumbled on the love journal they had kept years ago. Remembering the edifying affection they held for each other stoked the fires of their love once more and reunited them.

After that, they were determined to create a modernized, convenient way for all couples to remember their affection. That’s why they created R.E.D. Journals: to help couples stay together and stay committed to each other.

As the year’s pass, it becomes hard to remember what’s most important. R.E.D. Journals unlocks couples’ capacity to Remember, Edify, and Devote themselves more fully to each other.

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