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August 27 21:15 2021

The world of fashion is constantly changing and experts are always needed. Though many people may know what they like, how companies present their products has a significant effect on how successful they will be.

Hence, ValiantCEO brings together experts from all areas of the industry for an informative experience. These fashion industry leaders share their insights on new trends and challenges that designers face as well as advice on how to succeed in this competitive field.

Paullomi Matondkar

Paullomi Matondkar has been advising and engaging with entrepreneurs for the past decade. She started her financial consulting company in 2011 to provide niche financial advice that is specialized to small business owners.

The designer-entrepreneur and her friend Sharyu came together to launch FunkStryt in 2018. FunkStryt is a brand that defines itself as sustainable fashion. The vision at FunkStryt is to create minimalist and contemporary statement jewelry with materials like copper, glass beads, brass, or shells, among others from our mother earth.

Arathi Rajagopalan

Arathi Rajagopalan is a self-proclaimed fashionpreneur and stylist. She is the founder of House of Kalart – an avant-garde jewelry label inspired by arts/crafts from around the world that she has combined with metalsmithing to create beautifully packaged products for a discerning clientele.

With nearly two decades’ experience internationally and domestically in the retail industry under her belt, Ms. Rajagopolan is uniquely qualified for high-level creativity consulting as well as solving business problems at all levels.

Arathi’s fashion sense and creative design selection were pivotal to the creation of House of Kalart, an enterprise that aims to provide a holistic shopping experience for all bold humans.

Berend Kamberg

Berend Kamberg’s journey to entrepreneurship started when he was fourteen years old. He and his best friend organized 14+ parties together, but this all changed five years later after the Covid-19 outbreak.

As someone constantly looking for solutions to problems (especially in fashion), one day it hit him: It was a monthly event where Berend watched as his mother ordered four or five clothing items online but then returned three-quarters of them because they didn’t fit her correctly. He knew there had to be an easier way!

That’s when he thought of Vifiro B.V. Vifiro B.V.’s innovative body scan application, 3D Avatar Fashion Creator is a disruptive tool for fashion E-Commerce that allows consumers to generate photorealistic avatars and virtually try on clothing before making purchases online with one of their clients’ websites.

Alicia Jane

Alicia Jane is an undeniable force in the industry. She had to overcome many obstacles on her way, but she never gave up and now has one of the top companies going today!

Alicia is not one to hold back her thoughts or feelings which makes for a refreshingly unfiltered experience. As someone who always speaks their mind, she is meticulous and straightforward in all that she does. Some people may be put off by this but Alicia refers to herself as unapologetically direct and believes with enough hard work you can achieve anything.

Bianca and Paola Muns

MUNS is a brand founded by Bianca and Paola Muns in 2015. The duo draws inspiration from their seaside environment to create delicate jewelry with minimalist designs that are perfect for any occasion or outfit, no matter the season. MUNS’ pieces typically come in sterling silver, vermeil (an alloy of gold mixed with copper), and gold.

Bianca and Paola have shown consistent growth both personally and professionally since founding MUNS in 2015. They want more people along this journey “to share” in their growth journey.

Randy Carr

Randy Carr, president, and CEO of World Emblem as well as his brother Jamie began their careers working together to create apparel in this industry. This started when they were nothing more than apprentices for their father, Jerold Carr, a veteran entrepreneur and founder of World Emblem himself.

Randy Carr worked for his father and learned from him how to handle a family business. It was then, in 2000 when Randy took over the company as CEO after his father died that he put those lessons into action.

Randy Carr’s achievements are nothing short of amazing. After weathering some challenges as the CEO of World Emblem, he managed to grow his company into a global leader in emblem production. He continues to build on this foundation and inspire others with each new endeavor that comes along under his leadership.

Paul Chittenden

Paul Chittenden is the founder of Bad Ass Work Gear and a high-profile entrepreneur who helps other business founders like himself. With his marketing knowledge and connections in the industry, he helps like-minded individuals gain a louder voice by increasing their media coverage.

Kristine Moody

Before founding Team Magnus, a company that majors in outdoor equipment and sportswear for kids, Kristine Moody was a journalist in London and then an editor of the Norwegian business magazine Kapital. She has found success as not only a writer but also someone who understands all aspects of starting up small companies from scratch to their eventual growth.

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