Wealth Stack unveils app seeking to help everyday Americans invest in their future through free financial lessons and stock tips.

August 26 23:03 2021
The innovative app aims to provide underserved sectors such as communities of color, women, veterans, and millennials with the tools to allow them to create wealth.

Wealth Stack is set on revolutionizing the financial services industry after unveiling an investment application that seeks to help Americans invest in themselves and their futures through free financial lessons and stock tips and tricks. 

The app teaches individuals how to build a financial foundation while offering them the ability to access expert-led financial videos, personalized financial tools, and an investment account where they can apply their learnings.

Andrew Glaze, founder and CEO of Wealth Stack, says the application targets the fast-growing communities underserved by traditional financial services. 

“As a black man in America, it hasn’t always been easy for me to obtain success. But I thank God that I’m able to do so, and it’s ignited a fire in my heart to help others who are minorities, veterans, and those who have been discriminated against based on their gender,” says Andrew. 

Andrew stressed that the investment app aims to give millennials, communities of color, women, veterans, and other underserved sectors the tools to allow them to not only improve their financial situations but to thrive as they build long-term, generational wealth.  

“The truth is, the knowledge of how to create wealth in the stock market has remained in the hands of the wealthy and entitled few for far too long. This is where we come in. We teach, you learn, and build wealth,” says Andrew, who is also an investor, corporate board leader, and fintech innovator. 

Wealth Stack provides curated and targeted financial literacy and investment training content along with targeted advertising to help the right products reach the right people who need them. It provides simple, engaging video courses on how to get started investing in the stock market and features other helpful financial literacy videos about topics such as learning to budget and understanding how credit scores can impact your ability to build wealth.  

“There are investment apps that offer special features and benefits, while others focus on trading or education. However, there has yet to be a single app that provides it all in one place for free. These are things beginners need to know, and they can find it all on the Wealth Stack app,” explains Andrew.

Wealth Stack has also unveiled an impressive YouTube channel featuring helpful guides on how to start investing and even how to buy stocks directly. 

To get started, users simply need to create a free Wealth Stack account. The app is available for download on both AppStore and  Google Play. It’s all free and designed to help them build a better financial foundation.

They can also take advantage of Wealth Stack’s regular stock updates and tips, newly-added courses, and more. 

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