What are the main components of the gamepad?

August 26 12:12 2021

Cross arrow keys

The D-Pad is probably Nintendo’s most famous innovation in gamepads. The existence of the cross arrow keys can be seen on almost every gamepad today.

Analog stick

In June 1996, Nintendo, which created the cross keys and L/R keys, once again added a new concept to the controller: analog joystick. The use of joystick handles is not new, but the N64 analog joystick using pressure sensing technology is fundamentally different from the previous joystick-type handles. According to the force of the player pushing the joystick, the speed of the characters in the game will change accordingly. When performing 3D game control, the operability of this pressure-sensitive analog joystick is extremely smooth.

What are the main components of the gamepad?

Wireless handle

In addition to classic innovations such as the cross arrow keys, Nintendo was also the first manufacturer to experiment with wireless controllers. As early as 1989, they tried the wireless controller design on the NES console for the first time. The equipment at the time was called “NES Satellite”, which allowed up to four players to connect their controllers to a transmitter, and a receiver was added to the NES mainframe. The transmitter transmits signals to the receiver to control the mainframe with the handle. The purpose of the game.

Somatosensory operation

In 2006, Nintendo released a new generation of game console wii. The new game controller supporting the wii introduced somatosensory action to the video game console for the first time. The code name of the wii was “The Revolution”, and it was indeed worthy of the name. : For the first time, users discovered that in addition to the traditional handle button control, they can also directly control the game characters on the screen with their body movements.

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