The Scrappy School of Online Business Helps Typewriter Generation Online

July 27 14:57 2021
The Scrappy School of Online Business Helps Typewriter Generation Online

Colleen Kochannek of The Scrappy School of Online Business, taking the Typewriter generation boldly into the future.
Women Over 50 Boldly Going Where No Seniors Have Gone Before With The Scrappy Frontier

July 27, 2021 – According to arecent study, women over 50 years old are the top demographic in the world who are starting businesses, the majority of which are on-line. But for many women from the Typewriter Generation, navigating laptop life can be overwhelming. Enter Colleen Kochannek and The Scrappy School of Online Business

The Scrappy School of Online Business is a twelve-month, project-based program helping women over 50 confidently launch their first expert-based business. Being project-based, the students learn and implement immediately, rather than watching video after video, taking notes, and not taking action.

“I started the Scrappy Frontier after launching my first online business and realizing there were no resources out there helping women over 50 to start an online business in a way that worked for them and respected their digital immigrant status,” explains creator, Colleen Kochannek. “In essence, The Scrappy Frontier is the support I wish I had when starting my first online business.”

Kochannek continues, “Once I really dug into what was required to launch and run a successful online business I realized that women over 50 are built for online entrepreneurship. Decades of life experience have given us so many skills (many that we don’t even recognize). Our knowledge, perseverance, persistence, work ethic and passion make us really great business owners.”

The Scrappy School of Online Business is a project-based virtual learning program helping women aged 50 years and older to start their own expert-based business over the course of a year. For more information and applications, please visit :

Colleen Kochannek is a scrappy businesswoman helping other women from the Typewriter Generation become confident laptop entrepreneurs. She firmly believes that women over 50 years of age already have the passion, skills and experience needed to start a successful business and she’s there to help them smoothly navigate the rest of the “stuff” today’s business environment requires, such as funnels, social media and pixels (oh my).

Discover The Scrappy Frontier here:

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