Emotional Triggers and Business: How Ivan Lomeli is Helping Entrepreneurs Heal Traumas and Master Emotional Intelligence

July 27 13:27 2021

Creating Lasting Transformative Changes by Shifting Belief Systems at a Subconscious Level

Everyone has been there: triggered by something small, exploding on a spouse, business partner, parent, or even child, not understanding the reasons why. More often than not, unhealed childhood traumas follow one into relationships and the workplace. The bigger the pain we experience in life, the bigger the shield we carry to defend ourselves with. Ivan Lomeli, Los Angeles’ premier speaker, and personal development specialist is helping individuals and entrepreneurs break the trauma loop and pursue self-mastery through healing emotional triggers, reactions, and defense mechanisms. 

In his recently released YouTube class How to Heal Emotional Triggers, Reactions, and Defense Mechanisms, Ivan Lomeli breaks down the human psyche into an easily digested format, addressing emotional triggers at their core. Every person is walking around unprocessed emotions and childhood trauma to some degree. What differentiates the emotionally intelligent from the triggered is the bravery to address childhood traumas and begin a roadmap to healing. 

“Underneath your trigger is an old childhood wound that hasn’t healed, and because it hasn’t healed, every time it gets triggered, your body has to put up a defense mechanism to try and protect you from getting hurt again.” – Ivan Lomeli

No one is perfect, and no one is going to never be triggered or emotional when something in their environment strikes a nerve; but in understanding the who, what, where, why, and how behind these triggers, one can become self-aware, shift behavior, and cultivate stronger relationships and stronger leadership skills. 

Ivan Lomeli masterfully breaks down the three components of a trigger, the complexity of the trauma loop and how it impacts business, and strategically outlines the five-step process of reengaging the prefrontal cortex when one becomes activated and triggered with an emotional response. 

“When we don’t understand why we’re reacting or why we have these triggers, we have a complete loss of our emotions and our behavior.” – Ivan Lomeli

By helping others identify childhood traumas, master the art of awareness, and strategically shift mindsets to break the trauma loop; Ivan Lomeli has paved a path to guide a new generation of emotionally intelligent and emotionally healed entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Ivan Lomeli, or to view his video on How to Heal Emotional Triggers, please visit: https://www.ivanlomeli.com/ 

About Ivan Lomeli

Ivan Lomeli is an entrepreneur, speaker, business coach, and personal development specialist based in Los Angeles, California. At the young age of 22, Ivan began a mortgage company that would develop into an 8 million dollar brand in three short years, propelling Ivan to millionaire status by the age of 26. A serial entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses to back his 20 years of experience, Ivan seeks to help others gain the personal development tools they need to lead a successful and fulfilling career and lifestyle. 



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