HBCU students and others pen book about their COVID 19 ‘Learning in Quarantine’ experience

June 03 02:33 2021

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic changed several things and the lives of many, including the way education is done forever. The suspension of face-to-face classes in exchange for a quarantined life of ‘at home’ learning was not what students nor parents were looking forward to in 2020 or in early 2021.

16 students from across the United States, came together to tell their stories about how learning in the pandemic has affected them and their families in a new book titled ‘Lessons from Covid: Learning in Quarantine.

The stories range from students being happy to spend more time with family, to growth spurs, to learning new things and mental health concerns.

Dr. Joan Wright-Good, Founder of JWG Publishing House is the visionary of the project. She explains that the inspiration behind the project came after reading the stories written by the authors of Lessons from Covid 19, 2020: 26 stories one pandemic; the adult version of Lessons from Covid: Learning in Quarantine. “It was clear to me that parents weren’t the only ones who were fighting this invisible terrorist, our children were suffering from the impact as well. The evidence of this impact became my reality when my 17-year-old social butterfly, bright, future lawyer became unmotivated and disconnected. I knew then that my family was not alone.” Apparently, Dr. Wright-Good was correct. Here are a few quotes from some of the student authors.

“I also learned how to manage stress and my emotions, because not being able to interact with others due to the pandemic really hurt me. For many days I cried, because I did not know how to cope with what was going on. The surprise of 2020 will be a historical time that I look back on, to remind me that perseverance is just the pursuit of one’s goals, no matter the circumstances. to find 16 students who were willing to tell their stories.”Jordan Reed, (20 yrs. old), University of Houston’s Honors College, Texas.

“Regardless, I find that as I reflect on this year, I learned a lot about myself and our school system. I learned just how unempathetic and tone-deaf people can be in the face of a struggling teen. How I really am not as special as I was promised, but just a name out of thousands in a poorly managed school system. In glaringly obvious ways, it was made plain how little I understood about myself before being turned into my own inmate. More importantly, it did teach me that at some point, none of these things matter if you can’t step back and choose your health first.”Gabriel Whilby, (17 yrs. old), Highlands Christian Academy, Florida

“Since last time I was in school, my body had changed. How would I handle taking gym class with this new change? Would my friends recognize me? Would I be teased or called fat? These were all the thoughts that were going on in my head. I decided to talk to my father about my feelings, although I was embarrassed. I cried like a baby. My father held me and spoke some powerful words to me. He said, “Change is a part of life. Growth is also a part of life. If you don’t change and grow, then you are not really living.”Serenity Lindley, (12 yrs. old), Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Illinois.

“I must admit that this was a challenge for me. I was too relaxed being at home, but I had to be more disciplined to stay focused. Enduring the COVID pandemic has not been easy, but it has been beneficial to my life. I have learned that life throws things at you that you may not be ready to receive.”Harry Leonard Smith (15 yrs. old), Mirabeau Lamar High School, Texas

Lessons from 2020: Learning in Quarantine was featured on Fox 26 Houston’s morning show in May for Child’s month. It is available in paperback and digital at www.teenstalkpandemic.com/site and at Amazon.com for information on book publishing contact JWG Publishing House www.businessstartupacademy.live/jwgpublishing

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