– using science to help artists produce songs listeners will instantly love

March 08 20:54 2021
Supreme Tracks has created a new and different song production method that relies on brain research findings to capture minds of music listeners.

It’s no secret that the music industry in 2021 is overcrowded.

Spotify has 60 million songs submitted by over 4 million artists. And the list keeps getting bigger. Each day, over 40 thousand new songs are added to the library.

With so much music out there, it has never been more challenging for independent, unsigned artists to find the way to audience’s ears and hearts.

Publishing a polished, professional sounding song or album has the same effect as throwing a bucket of water into an ocean – none!

To successfully compete with the millions of artists out there, independent artists need to make sure their songs stand out and turn listeners into fans on the very first listen – because they will not get a second chance! has developed a unique song production method guaranteed to instantly capture hearts and minds of listeners. This method is based on proven scientific findings from researches conducted by Berklee College of Music and Yale Medical School.

It addresses 5 specific elements of music that impact the brain of a listener and drive a strong and positive brain response in a form of a dopamine release. Once the human brain links dopamine release to the song it’s listening, it creates an instant positive memory and a craving to hear the song over and over again – and a fan is born! is an international team of A-list musicians and producers with several GRAMMY and OSCAR-award winning recipients in its talent pool. Over the last 8 years, they have worked remotely with over 1,500 artists worldwide, helping them to #1 chart hits, Netflix deals, over 100 million YouTube views, publishing contracts and more. is available for consultations via the website

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