Dr. John A. Estrella publishes a book trilogy to help solopreneurs learn how to start, scale, and sell an automated online business

December 22 03:03 2020
As a management consultant, John Estrella consulted with international organizations in Asia, North America, and Europe. His management consulting firm, Agilitek Corporation, empowers entrepreneurs to build and manage a profitable business!

Markham, Canada – Agilitek Corporation provides business coaching services to entrepreneurs looking to start, scale, and sell a profitable online business. Recently, Dr. John Estrella, the founder of Agilitek Corporation, has released a book trilogy that conveys essential lessons that are required to build a self-sustaining online business.

Agilitek Corporation helps dedicated individuals start an online business via a range of solopreneur programs, including Solopreneur Kickstarter, Author Solopreneur, and Solopreneur Starter. These 4-week and 8-week comprehensive programs teach the participants how to bootstrap an app, SaaS, online course, or other digital products, establish instant credibility, and open doors to new opportunities. More details about these programs can be found here: https://agilitek.com/solopreneur/

The book trilogy that has been published by Dr. John A. Estrella includes ‘Start an online business,’ ‘Scale an online business,’ and ‘Sell an online business.’ These books are written concisely with straightforward steps, which mean faster reading and more time building one’s business. While sharing his thoughts related to these books, Dr. Estrella said: “My view of a business is different. While some entrepreneurs like to build a business that will become a public company someday, I want to start companies that will become profitable within a few months. Other entrepreneurs find thrills in hustling with investors to fund their ventures. In contrast, I like to bootstrap a company so that I can retain majority control. Several solopreneurs spend long hours running their businesses and creating social media content to remain in the spotlight. For me, I let my automated online business run on its own so that I can enjoy life with my family, pursue what I want, and contribute my fair share to the community. Creating content for YouTube or recording podcasts continuously to get more likes, shares, and comments will not do the trick. You need to master the entire process, and more importantly, you need to integrate them seamlessly together.”

Dr. John A. Estrella has worked for over 27 years as a management consultant serving large corporations worldwide. He founded Agilitek Corporation in 1999. People with no technical background can follow the Automated Online Business (AOB) Model. Every person with the spirit of the entrepreneur within them can follow the steps laid down by John Estrella to build, scale, and eventually sell a highly profitable online business.

One can purchase the book trilogy from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MWXGF4Q?searchxofy=true&binding=kindle_edition&ref_=dbs_s_aps_series_rwt_tkin

You can learn more about the author at https://johnestrella.com/

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Agilitek Corporation empowers entrepreneurs to start, scale, and sell an automated online business.

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