Psychologist Edmonton At Pine Integrated Health Centre Counsels To Help Individuals Regain Control Of Their Lives

November 17 09:48 2020
Psychologist Edmonton At Pine Integrated Health Centre Counsels To Help Individuals Regain Control Of Their Lives
Pine Integrated Health Centre provides psychological counseling and therapy to help its clients rise above mental and physical health issues that prevent them from leading a richer and happier life. Its secure telehealth services are an excellent means for availing expert counseling.

According to announcements released by Pine Integrated Health Centre, the psychologist Edmonton at this clinic helps people cope with the challenges that life throws at them. With qualified guidance, people can counter anxiety, negativity, and stress that affect day-to-day living and physical well-being. Through counseling, expert psychologists gently guide an individual to rising above negative thoughts and regaining control of their surroundings instead of allowing disturbing thoughts and external influences to influence one’s actions.

The psychologists at Pine Integrated Health Centre assists adults, couples, families, teens, and children. They have the training and experience to help people feel better and counter grief, depression, anxiety, insomnia, relationship issues, and similar matters. Through counseling and applying evidence based techniques, the registered psychologists help people develop communication skills, a positive intent, and equip them with a mindset that makes them mentally healthy.

The therapist Edmonton at Pine Integrated Health Centre provides massage, acupuncture, and nutrition therapy. Each of these modalities has a salubrious effect on the emotional and physical health of an individual. Massages include Swedish massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and other massages. Acupuncture is an excellent complementary drug-free therapy that stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms. It helps alleviate insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, etc. Registered dieticians educate and help people to follow a healthy diet best suited to their personal circumstances. Diet plays a very important role in ensuring bowel health and managing chronic conditions while reducing drugs’ dependence. Proper nutritional guidance provided at this health center enables one to add to the quality of life.

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Pine Integrated Health Centre said, “We show acceptance and support for our clients without casting judgment. We will show our confidence in our client’s ability to make decisions and choices. We strive to understand and accept our client’s unique feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives. We carry no air of authority or professional superiority. At Pine Integrated Health Centre, individuals and families will find high quality, evidence based, and integrated health care services. Though we skillfully and enthusiastically treat males and females, from infancy through adulthood, we take great pride in our specialty of supporting women perinatally.”

On the benefits of consulting a local Edmonton psychologist, Pine Integrated Health Centre said, “When you choose a local counselling psychologist or registered therapist who are from or have lived in Edmonton or Alberta, they understand the challenges and culture of the area.

“Our counsellors use effective therapies that have real-life applications. Our expert psychology team is familiar with all of the resources available to you locally and can connect you with any other services you may need. At Pine Health, our team of psychologists, therapists, and counsellors are experienced, compassionate, and welcoming to providing services to people with varying backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life.

“Telehealth Services allow you to have a virtual appointment with your therapist over a secure connection. It is similar to other video calls you might have done before, such as Skype or Zoom.

“Pine Health uses the same platform for our telehealth appointments as we do for our online appointment booking to provide you with a seamless online experience.”

About the Centre:

Pine Integrated Health Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, helps people grow their health from the inside. Through counseling and therapy, its services allow one to empathize and recognize symptoms and signals relayed by minds and bodies. It empowers an individual to take positive and affirmative steps for mind-body wellbeing.

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