Who is Benjamin Blackett and How Has He Inspired a Following of 13,000 to Kickstart Their Dreams Over the Past 3 Months?

November 16 23:15 2020

Rhode Island – Every Skywalker has their Yoda. King Arthur had Merlin. Even 007 had Q. Everyone faces tests in life, but without some kind of Gandalf… as he declares so dramatically: “You shall not PASS”.

He may not be quite as Grey, but he’s been able to guide & galvanize an ambitious community of visionaries to bring their dreams to life. 184,622 people have been touched by his work and message in the past three months alone and his following grew 1100% in just one week this summer, with no end in sight. Benjamin Blackett is the kind of character with such a fabled history and fascinating rise that it demands retelling. How did such a down-to-earth guy get such out-of-this-world engagement?

Benjamin’s pedigree is an incredible curiosity. Tracing backwards in time from this very day: his sister is a wonderfully talented artist, his great grandfather invented supermarkets for all intents and purposes, Great Grandfather (x4) gave Paul Revere a ride across the Charles River in Boston, his family designed and built the Massachusetts Statehouse, and their family crest is emblazoned above Fanueil Hall in Boston. Cherry on top… this is the same family that invented fire extinguishers. Why is any of this relevant? Well, it has everything to do with his journey. Benjamin was born into a family of helpers, guardians, advocates and allies. Besides his work as an international Life Mastery Consultant, we can only describe him as a polymath of progress: teaching Reiki, French, and soon TranscenDANCE as well. Simply put, he has moved so many because he gives so much, pouring everything into his work for a panoramic approach to change. But for now — his clients wanted to personally share their experience with Benjamin:  

You are such a fun, happy, content, positive, peaceful, honest person. I am grateful you helped me through this phase of my journey. I hope people flock to you for the myriad of support you provide to make another human’s life richer.” – Peri Schulz

I wanted what I saw in my future Coach. I have never felt better. I am grateful to Benjamin Blackett for the new outlook on Life that I now possess. Every day is a new beginning and now everything that I dream is becoming a reality.Thank you.” – Patrick J. Olsen

Benjamin explains, “I’ve seen that doubling down on your dreams moves them to repay you ten-fold for the attention. I believe even dreams are capable of gratitude. Because they are as alive and as real as you allow them to be. The currency in the dimension of dreams is attention. They will gladly cross over to reality when you recognize that disproportionate exchange rate.”

Benjamin shared first-hand about his work:

Q: “Why did you want to begin your business “A Creative Healing Place”?”

BB: “I wanted to be able to offer clients a wider variety of options for ways to work with me and to keep them engaged and on their green growing edge while I continued offering them a tried and true structure of support. I know that coaching/teaching people is my calling. There is very little in the world that makes me happier than helping people live richer, freer, healthier lives.”

Q: “Tell us about some of your biggest joys as a Life Mastery Consultant so far.”

BB: “I have two clients that had been through every program I had to offer and have re-enrolled to do all of the work again. So they are each in their second round of these programs and their third year of working with me. And each of them is undergoing major changes in their lives.

“Most recently as well, it was a true joy to finally launch my VIP program “Kickstart Your Dreams”. I remember talking about the dream of giving stand-up-paddleboard tours in France… and now I have created a retreat where I combine my 3 favorite things in life: giving a deep-dive teaching into these principles, the opportunity to share France, French culture and cuisine, and of course, stand-up-paddle boarding in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The retreat is in La Ciotat, the South of France, just outside Marseille in the 2nd week of May. So much went into bringing it to life, but seeing it resonate already with the very first wave of clients signing up was rejuvenating.”

Q: “What do you know now you wish you had known when you first started?”

BB: “That it REALLY IS going to all work out. That I really am a born leader… and just because that is true, it doesn’t mean I have to figure it all out alone. Staying in this work is going to open me up in ways I couldn’t even imagine were possible.”

Q: “What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in long-term clients of yours?”

BB: “I can share at least one really touching story of an early client. When she first came to me, she asked for my help as the LAST STOP, really trying to avoid taking anti-depressant medication. She described herself as very depressed and isolated. She was completely agoraphobic, terrified of driving anywhere new by herself and a smoker for 40 years.

“Within the first year of our working together she gave up cigarettes and is now completely tobacco and nicotine free for over a year and a half. She has just recently left a job that she had felt was crushing her spirit, and in which she felt highly undervalued.

“Within the past two months she has started her own dog training business in which she drives all over the entire state of Rhode Island to meet with her clients and train their dogs. Just this week she reported to me that within one day recently, she had 4 client appointments. She made almost as much that day as she would have in one week at her previous job.

“Also this once-agoraphobic woman has just volunteered to be one of the coordinators for the Women’s Ministry group in her spiritual community. And she has achieved all of this without once going onto any anti-depressant medication, as she earnestly wished. When I listen to her now, she is so full of life! I am so proud of her.”

Q: “Is there any parting wisdom you’d like to share?”

BB: “There’s one word in the English language that has cost people dearly. Millions of dollars and moments in time. You’ve paid your share — I’ve paid mine. No one has escaped. And that loss and temporal debt grow everyday.

“The peculiar part of the whole thing is that this word can make a change if correctly applied… just as easily as it costs opportunity if used in the wrong way.

“But most people use it at the wrong time in the wrong way. That’s why it’s so costly.

“It isn’t a long word — in fact, it’s only two letters.

“The word is — “IF”.

“If I had done this”… “If I had taken advantage of that.” Every day you hear it used — expressive of the abandoned action that has cost someone money, opportunity or progress.

“That’s the common way it’s used; the wrong and costly way.

“But — when “IF” is weaponized as a forecast of proper action instead of a synonym for regret, the magic there is astonishing.

“My work is in transforming the negative “if” within (LIFE) so all that remains is (L)imitless (E)mpowerment. So I am grateful for this platform to share my story and wish all your readers the unparalleled joy of loving your life with every fiber of your being.”

Benjamin Blackett can be found on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook where he has a daily book club, monthly workshops, and exclusive events — with a massive full-day interactive workshop coming up on December 12th to bring your vision to life and make 2021 your year, and the turning point of your story.

Not to mention Benjamin’s flagship VIP retreat program “Kickstart Your Dreams” in the beachside of La Ciotat, South of France. From stand-up paddleboarding to experiential breakthroughs in one of the single most astounding environments the world has to offer, “Kickstart Your Dreams” is a promising venture indeed.

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