Redge Fit Launches An Affordable All-In-One Home Gym Machine

November 10 00:48 2020

REDGE FIT, a leading Canadian-based home fitness company providing the most durable and functional affordable home fitness gym and health-related equipment and gear, has officially announced the release of the new Redge Portable All-in-one Gym Machine. This retractable bodybuilding bar, fitted with durable, adjustable resistance bands attached at both ends, also comes with the ‘Redge Fit Home Bootcamp e-Book(a $29.99 value), absolutely free while supplies last. 

“Most of all, it said to be the most affordable home gym equipment on the market,” said Daraab Kiani, founder of Redge Fit, a company that provides members the freedom to work out from the comfort of their choosing.

This affordable home gym equipment, which is being hailed as a number-one portable gym globally, comes with four or six bands. Each band provides 30 pounds of tension and allows users to move up the weight ladder as needed gradually.

“Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the Redge Portable All-in-one Gym Machine can easily be transported within a suitcase, backpack, or travel pack, and taken anywhere you like,” said Daraab. He believes it is the most affordable and the least expensive home gym alternative currently on the market.

“In short, this new home fitness gym’s main aim is to help members main their health goals,” said Daraab, whose company provides members with over 100 ‘follow along’ video workouts and 24/7 access to a fitness trainer for any questions.

Explaining that while 90 percent of the people quit their health goals in the first three months because dressing up, going to the gym, and coming back seems too daunting of a task, Daraab noted the home gym is a game-changer. One of its core functions is letting users target every single body part right from home.

The home gym’s four-to-six-band provides 30 pounds of resistance, a feature that effortlessly gets users through such routine as squats for the back, legs and glutes, hip thrusts for the glutes, legs and back, bicep curls for the arms, and chest flies for the chest, plus hundreds of other workouts.

So far, thePortable All-in-one Gym Machine has received lots of rave reviews, and Anadelle, Jenna, and Richard know the real value of using this affordable home gym machine.

According to Anadelle, she “bought this because I’m busy and lazy.  I find it difficult to exercise. I love this Redge Portable Gym Machine. It works perfectly for my need. I’ve been taking it with me, traveling every week for my job.”

Jenna, on the other hand, claimed this “machine is working well for me so far. I use it every day and am seeing a difference in my abs. This (home gym) was worth the purchase. I like that it is compact and portable to other locations.”

Bringing up the rear, Richard said he “couldn’t stop when the gyms closed, finding these tension bars saved me from stopping with my workout. Great workout piece.”

There is no doubt the Redge Portable All-in-one Gym Machine will help its users eliminate the most daunting part of their daily workouts. According to Daraab, the home gym equipment provides forworkout activities at any time and from anywhere and is suitable for use:

• At the office during lunch
• Work/ Leisure trip from your hotel room
• From your studio apartment or your bungalow
• In between meetings at home or office.

“Designed to be used any time you please in any outfit you want,” said Daraab, “the Redge Portable All-in-one Gym Machine eliminates every excuse you can think of that could get between you and your health goals.”


Founded in 2012 by Toronto Fitness Enthusiast and founder Daraab Kiani, Redge Fit has established itself as a globally recognized brand – winning several notable awards for both design and functionality. Based on our roots in the challenging and rigid fitness community, we promote a fit and active lifestyle to challenge the traditional exercise approach. Our mission is to make life better through minimalist, durable, and high-performance exercise gear. Our aim is for people to exercise; however, they want, while using minimal materials. Our motto is ‘Wishing You All a Life Full of Health & Happiness’, and as a result, we have continued to developed fitness gear for anyone from beginners to advance. We cater to everyone making their life better through high-impact yet straightforward exercises. The bottom line is that we provide our members with the freedom to work out from their choosing comfort.

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