Project Manuel Conecta, created by the Venezuelan Influencer Manuel Alejandro Nunez crosses borders by spreading solidarity.

October 26 09:21 2020
Project Manuel Conecta, created by the Venezuelan Influencer Manuel Alejandro Nunez crosses borders by spreading solidarity.

Project Manuel Conecta Manuel Alejandro Nunez is launched to help the neediest and bring something positive to society.

Manuel Alejandro Núñez Chourio, an international celebrity, Influencer and Venezuelan motivator, has launched his dream project called Manuel Conecta on his social networks. The project aims to use social networks as a tool to help the less fortunate sectors of society, providing them with the essentials and putting a smile on their faces.

“Social Networks today are an extremely powerful tool, so why not use them to do good? And motivate a lot of people around the world to do so as well,” says Manuel about his humanitarian project. “Currently I feel that there is a great lack of empathy, the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes seems to disappear in society more and more easily, this is something I want to change. “I seek, through challenges loaded with solidarity, to motivate thousands of people, so that on their own, they decide to become instruments of God by going out to help those who need it most”. 

Manuel understands the pain of the less privileged sectors of society. He says that sometimes it is hard and extremely complicated to live this type of experience, therefore, it is important to provide support to people who are going through situations of need so that they seek encouragement and at the same time, do not feel alone. 

Since February 2020 it has been sharing videos of the activities carried out in the framework of the project through its various social network accounts.

Manuel has managed to help through his initiatives an incredible amount of people, not only in his hometown, but also in different parts of Venezuela, using donations which are provided by his followers. They, on their own, decide to write to (@ManuelConecta) to join the cause, contributing their grains of sand.

“I hope that these initiatives will be repeated not only in the country, but also throughout the world. I want to use the social networks only and exclusively to do good, and at the same time teach and motivate people to do it too,” says Manuel.

The global pandemic has not been a factor in stopping Manuel from doing his job. He has had to readjust, devising strategies to ensure that he continues to do his job while adhering to strict regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

Manuel has created a strong social networking community in the short span of eight months. The main goal is to help people who need support in various ways. At the same time, he has been motivating others to join the program and contribute to making society a better place to live.

His efforts are paying off as people from an incredible number of countries around the world join in the solidarity challenges. Fulfilling this mission, through their videos, they are converting people into multipliers of good deeds. 


Manuel Alejandro Núñez Chourio is known in the social networks, as the Influencer with purpose. He has launched the Manuel Conecta Project, an initiative aimed at helping the least favored people in society by providing them with support in various ways. The 22-year-old international celebrity was born in Maracaibo and is a student of Business Administration with a degree in marketing. He is using his marketing knowledge to spread his philanthropic activities through social networks in different countries of the world.

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