Bestyn Launches App to Digitalize Neighbourhoods on Social Media in the face of COVID-19 Regulations

October 13 11:12 2020
Bestyn Launches App to Digitalize Neighbourhoods on Social Media in the face of COVID-19 Regulations

October 13, 2020 Staying at home in isolation because of the coronavirus doesn’t have to be a painful experience anymore. Bestyn has launched a trendy multifunctional app that downloads the entire neighborhood into a phone connecting people, neighbours, families, and friends in select communities. With the Bestyn app, users within neighbors can interact among themselves, discover local events, share crucial information, patronize essential service providers and stores, and even promote commodities for sale or rent. Users will have the world coming to them, all from the safety of their homes. The neighborhood-friendly app will effectively replace the need to look for separate solutions.

With a plethora of features, the Bestyn App goes one better than existing utility apps. Users will not have to download an app for every situation. The app is best described as a social media community and marketplace that keeps everyone in the know. Every user is privy to a host of features like local news, garage sales, new movie releases, a neighbors birthday party, barbecues, and charitable events.

With the persisting effects of the dreary coronavirus, quarantines, lockdowns, and compulsory periods of isolation have been mandatory. The Bestyn app has been particularly launched to make life more bearable, especially if the world has to go on another lockdown. To ensure that everyone has access to the app,  the team at Bestyn made sure to have it uploaded on Google Playstore and Apple store.

Bestyn also promises to improve local businesses. With communities joined together via the app, service providers and vendors can effectively advertise their businesses to a more locally targetted audience. Currently, users can call in for a local HVAC professional, plumbers, a local babysitter, nurse, medical services, emergency locksmiths, and specialist services. 

The team at Bestyn makes sure to leave some room for marketing and advertisements. Users within particular local communities can publish promos, offer their services, publish events, make announcements, and increase their own brand awareness. It is an ideal platform that can be leveraged by local businesses to expand and grow.

Transportation is also not out of Bestyn’s scope of services. Users can find local taxi drivers and hail a commercial vehicle via the Bestyn app. With its multifunctionality, the power-packed app has the potential to be the best app of 2020.

Speaking about the app, Bestyn Founder and owner, Maria Toncu, said “Some of our best resources are right in our neighborhood, which is why we made Bestyn. Using this social media app, now anyone can stay active in their community by organizing events, spreading information, and uniting the people around them.”

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