How To Build A Bush Fire Resistant House? Australian Dome Builder, Domeshells Shares Their Experience To Help Protect From Wild Fires

September 30 06:21 2020

Domeshells have scheduled another UNIQUE dome building workshop in Northern New South Wales from January 23 to 30 will empower DIY and licensed builders to build bushfire resistant housing to protect home owners from losing everything in bushfires.

Domeshells was founded by Chris Brown, aged 68, in 2000 and is the only dome building construction system of its kind globally.

“This is the only workshop of its kind in the world with this technology,” Mr Brown said.

“The system exceeds the highest level of the Australian bushfire code which means it is suitable for the most bushfire prone areas and can be engineer-certified for anywhere in Australia or the world.”

The grandad builder, designer and inventor, who has three children and seven grandchildren, will run the workshop with his youngest son Ben, aged 21, who is an apprentice builder. They will build a three-metre diameter dome from start to finish in the new Murwillumbah industrial area.

The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in building their own or offering services to others to build homes that have the highest survival against the elements as the domes also withstand cyclones and hurricanes. 

“I’m passionate about empowering people with self-sufficient building skills and have spent the last 20 years perfecting his unique method of building concrete shell structures,” Mr Brown said.

“The market is growing and I want to help and train professional builders to become Domeshell builders. I’m teaching people to teach this method to other people. Building a small dome in a group is a lot of fun.”

Mr Brown was inspired to create the dome shells after visiting several multi dome homes in Christchurch, New Zealand, that were built in the 1980s.

He recognised the inherent strength of the dome shape and set on a mission to develop the simplest way of building dome-shaped housing.

“I was captivated by the comfortable feeling of living in a round spacious structure with extraordinary acoustics,” he said. “I have been driven to find a way that could be learned by anyone using easily available materials.”

The domes are environmentally friendly, using 35% less materials than traditional housing and by using the most basic method, can be built entirely without electricity. 

“It is an affordable housing solution that offers a simple, strong, safe structure that could help end the housing crisis worldwide,” he said.

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