10 photography tips for capturing great images

September 18 07:35 2020

In this article we will be talking about few tips on how you can manage to get the best of your photography, starting from the planning till the execution. 

• The important advice in order to get pictures of your style, is to portray something you believe in and want to convey a specific message through the photo that you capture.

• Go to unexpected places that no one will imagine that a photographer will go there, this will give you an opportunity to take pictures that may not be expected and on the same time not even the rest of other photographers.

• You can imitate a particular image you liked to learn from it, but on the same time encourage yourself to create your own style and permanently move away from imitation.

• When you create a style of yours in taking pictures, you can try it on all kinds of photography, this will give you a specific mood to be a master of your own style.

• Give yourself a time to Imagine the picture before you capture it, and think how to become a creative 

• You should always remember the camera is not the creative, but the one who uses the camera is the creator, it’s all on your mind & on your hands to think out of the box.

• Try to take dozens of images from more than one angle and more than once, this a very useful tip to get pictures that you may think are inappropriate when you photographed them, but when reviewing them on a big screen you may feel their true value.

• Remember when you edited your images try to make the retouching smooth and clean as much as you can in order to maintain the originality of your images.

• Its very important to share your images with others, this will help you to expand your artistic name and also it will help you find out your strength and weakness points within your artworks. 

• Finally, act like an artist and share your taste and the most useful tip you should always remember it, is to enjoy as much as you can when you are photographing something.
About the author 

Abdullah Al-Mushaifri “Sony Alpha Brand Ambassador” is an Omani photographer born in 1980. He started his journey with photography in 2012, when he decided to leave filmmaking and switch to photography, where he found his passion for photography attracting him to travel around the world to learn about people’s cultures and traditions. In a short time, Abdullah was able to put his name among the most promising talents in the Arab region through his remarkable presence and his achievement.

Al-Mushaifri is well-known by his style of photography, as he believes that the photographer should not limit his passion to one style, nevertheless he/she must enjoy the aesthetics of photography, and take the largest number of photos in any axis and at any time.

For more info you can visit his page at https://almushaifri.com Or http://instagram.com/almushaifri/

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