Using Raptor Domes™ Kits for Low Income Housing in USA

September 16 01:03 2020
Using Raptor Domes™ Kits for Low Income Housing in USA
Valentine International LLC sees their Raptor Domes™ Kits as a viable alternative for low income housing.

Originally Hugh Simpson, known as The Dome Dude, was approached to develop his kits into an Arizona retirement community. That did not come to pass; however the 74 year young serial entrepreneur and former Post Newsweek TV Group investigative reporter realized that with the low cost of construction of his dodecahedron dome kits that it might work for low income housing.

“I had a friend who was on the US Social Security program for low income individuals who was finding it very hard to find a vacancy,” says Simpson. “As a former investigative reporter covering Consumer Affairs, I began to research the low income housing situation and found that it was true. I even called a place saying I was interested and the manager said that she had a long waiting list. I found it was true where my 86 year old friend lived.”

“My dome kits are both 27 feet and 36 feet in diameter with over 500 square feet and 1000 square feet respectively,” continues Simpson. “The smaller one could easily house one or possibly two seniors like a husband and wife if they did not have a lot of stuff. My 86 year old friend’s apartment is about that size. The 36 foot diameter one could house two seniors downstairs and two upstairs. This one could be build turnkey from $75,000 to $100,000 depending on the grade of appliances and fixtures.”

A great advantage of the individual dome set up is that of more privacy.  

“When I visit the aforementioned friend I hear the TV next door blasting away and on the other side the toilet flushing numerous times,” shares Simpson.

“The biggest hurdle with my dome kits is getting the building code folks to understand the STRENGTH of the DODECAHEDRON geometric shape,” says Simpson. “The majority don’t know that there are already domes as homes across the USA. Furthermore, they have no clue about the geometric supremacy of a dodecahedron structure like mine that can withstand Category 5 hurricanes like Hurricane Laura’s winds and waves, mid level Richter scale earthquakes and tornadoes.”

“I have as my logo a Raptor standing on top of one my dome structures looking over the rectangular and square homes he has chomped on,” laughs Simpson. “Also my domes are low maintenance with no soffits or gutters to clean. The superstructure, which is a gigantic Tinker Toy®, goes up with even two novices in one day. Then the plywood triangles are nailed on the structure. An environmentally friendly coating Hydrostop® is brushed on. These other processes can all be completed by the same two people in one weekend. Another environmentally friendly product gives the home a R factor of 12. The rest of the construction is just like you would traditionally use.”

Simpson has decided to let a group of veterans at Dreamcatcher Domes Worldwide who are looking at his Raptor Domes™ Kits for building an Eco-Village to house homeless US military veterans during a 6 month rehabilitation program that also includes teaching how to build the dome kits, own his dome manufacturing business with no payment required!

“I am moving on to my new business of consulting and designing Eco-Resorts and Eco-Villages at my Valentine International LLC like the one proposed for low income housing and even offices using my Raptor Domes™ Kits,” explains Simpson. “I only require that I receive a royalty on my dome kits, which over a period of time could be substantial. If they are not interested then I plan to do the same for any person/persons who I consider can market the kits and pay the royalties.”

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