CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Liberty Hill, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

August 12 17:12 2020
CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Liberty Hill, Texas Area's Foundation and Leveling Needs

According to the latest reports, Liberty Hill, Texas, is home to nearly 2,500 people. Quite a few businesses have set up shop in the area as well, and numerous others are being drawn to the city because of its many positive qualities. As one of the best places in Texas to live and work, the area continues to grow without losing its unique small-town charm. Despite the area’s many positive qualities, local home and business owners are bound to face a few foundation damage issues at some point. CenTex Foundation Repair is here to help ensure those problems don’t get out of control.

What Causes Foundation Damage in Texas?

Several types of soil cover the ground across the state of Texas. For the most part, they’re considered expansive soils. They expand when they’re exposed to moisture and contract when they dry out. In areas with the state’s infamous black clay, the ground can turn to mush overnight and seize up like concrete within a matter of hours. These cycles of swelling and shrinking or softening and hardening make construction a challenge. They also cause more damage to homes in Texas and certain other parts of the country than all other natural disasters combined.

These ongoing changes in the soil exert monumental force on local homes and businesses. They can cause foundation cracks, buckling basements and retaining walls, and numerous other problems. Based on one recent write-up, the structures most at risk for these types of damage are buildings with relatively light loads and homes. Though it’s impossible to get rid of the area’s notoriously hazardous soil, several foundation repair solutions are available to help remedy the damage and reduce the likelihood of future problems.

Effective Foundation Repair Options

As mentioned at https://welevelit.com/, home and business owners in and around Liberty Hill have an array of foundation repair solutions at their disposal. Determining the most effective option for each property owner depends on certain factors, such as the amount of damage, the surrounding soil, and the type of foundation that’s in place, to name a few. First, foundation repair experts conduct an inspection to better understand all the issues that are present. Then, they determine which method best suits the needs at hand.

Pier and Beam

Structures with pier and beam foundations rest on a series of supports. Over time, those supports, or piers, can deteriorate or shift, placing the structure at risk of serious damage or even collapse. Repairing the damage requires installing temporary supports, replacing the damaged piers with structurally sound ones, leveling the home or business, and placing it back on the permanent piers.

Slab Foundations

Homes and businesses with slab foundations are built on concrete that’s poured directly onto the ground. When those slabs begin to shift and crack, they can no longer support the structure adequately. To repair this type of damage, concrete piling piers are installed for extra strength and reinforcement. Steel piers can also be used.

For more information on this type of foundation repair or others, visit https://welevelit.com/schedule/.

Reversing Foundation Damage in Liberty Hill, Texas

CenTex has more than 25 years of experience in dealing with the many challenges Texas soil can present. They offer a full range of foundation repair options, including their exclusive Centerbeam Steel Pier System. The company also provides free foundation inspections for Liberty Hill property owners.

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