TranquilityNET Hotel Management Software Officially Launches In 2021

July 03 03:36 2020
TranquilityNET Hotel Management Software Officially Launches In 2021

With the advent of cloud technology, many entrepreneurs have been working to incorporate it into various industries. TranquilityNET is among the latest PMS applications to take the next step into this cloud-based future. This highly advanced Icelandic hotel property management system or hotel PMS is set to launch worldwide in 2021.

During their current beta phase, they have already managed to garner the support of over 300 hotels who signed up for testing. These hotels are said to fully utilize TranquilityNET once it officially launches in 2021. The cloud-based management software is expected to capture 15% of the worldwide hotel PMS market by 2030 – being worth over $1.3 billion by then.

Based entirely on the cloud, TranquilityNET has eradicated any need for clunky hardware or excessive computing power. It thus allows hotels to save up on energy costs and space.  Using AI to enhance the experience even future, the management software automatically fixes abnormalities and discrepancies on a daily basis.

With a focus on providing nearly zero downtime, TranquilityNET ensures that their monthly server maintenance occurs during audit hours. The cloud-based system further allows one to install and utilize Tranquility’s services within an hour. Despite all these features, TranquilityNET’s annual license is expected to cost less than $1000 a year.

TranquilityNET’s beta phase has received much praise and feedback. Much of this has been incorporated into the final product that will be launching in 2021. The team behind it is excited to unveil it to the market, providing further support and updates along the way.

About TranquilityNET:

Since 2004, the team behind TranquilityNET has worked with dozens of different PMS applications for many different hotels. While every PMS is efficient in their own way, they felt like each of these applications had their own limitations and areas that needed improvement. This is why in 2014 their team began working on a PMS application that combined the finest features from everything they had viewed over the last decade. The development for this PMS eventually moved over to the cloud – transforming into TranquilityNET in 2018.

TranquilityNET is the grand culmination of over 6 years of development and the team behind it is eager to share the fruit of its hard work with the public. With their mission being to offer hotels a complete management service unlike anything in the market – they are making major technological leaps.  

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