Healthy Equation Is Helping Teach Parents How To Build Confidence In Kids To Ensure Healthy and Emotionally Intelligent Adults In The Future

June 25 20:36 2020
Healthy Equation Is Helping Teach Parents How To Build Confidence In Kids To Ensure Healthy and Emotionally Intelligent Adults In The Future
Healthy Equation is helping parents and their children maintain a close, healthy relationship – especially during the school years. Going through their Drip, Drop, and Drizzle program, parents feel supported and children develop habits to mature into healthy, emotionally-intelligent adults ready and eager to face life.

How to build confidence in kids is a question that many parents and teachers ask every day. Like adults, children face different stressors and difficulties in their environments, but they may be too young to comprehend how to deal with these situations. Parents are frequently left wondering how they can help their children be the best version of themselves as they grow amidst these challenges.

Just as a phoenix has to go through the fire to come out a new bird, adults have been refined to handle the stress that life presents. However, children are still learning, and parents are having a hard time coping with and navigating their emotional needs and expectations.

Parents are their child’s first, lifelong coach. Healthy Equation has come in to fill the gap that develops between children and their parents, particularly during the school years. They help parents understand their children’s feelings of being overwhelmed, insecure, and sometimes even irrational as they get used to the rigor and expectations of school; and through this process, they aid parents  in raising emotionally healthy adults that are better able to deal with the issues and stresses that arise in daily life. In this way, they also help make parenting easier.

The core aim of Healthy Equation is to help parents build their children’s confidence and empower their creativity, resilience, and promote a love of learning over a lifetime. Healthy Equation helps parents achieve this in three steps that are captured playfully in three words:

Drip: A drip, according to Healthy Equation, is the foundation of a drop. With a drip, water is set into motion. Just one step, they believe, can set children on to the right path.

This is why they encourage reflection and purposeful conversations. Through just one goal, the children and their parents can get started on a life-changing purpose.

Drop: A few drops create the ripple effect and the momentum needed to reach different milestones. Once this happens, progress is made, and goals are adjusted accordingly. Once a child learns how to deal with one stressor, it sets a tone for them to follow for the rest of their life.

Drizzle: The ripples create waves, which represent new habits in children. They begin to mature into intelligent beings who can handle one stressor at a time, and they grow into happy, satisfied adults, through the guiding, helping hand of their parents.

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Healthy Equation is the brainchild of Mary Ostrowski. She likes to say her “babies” are unconventional in that she doesn’t have any of her own, but as a preschool owner and consultant to both parents and schools, she has many! Her devotion is what pointed her in the direction of helping parents raise children who are both self-confident and resilient. In addition to being a preschool owner, and coach, Mary is also the author of Drip, Drop and Drizzle: A Journal For Growing Your Child’s Creativity. Her work with Healthy Equation primarily focuses on primary school-aged children.

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