Dr. Weider And His Team Offering En Bloc Capsulectomy Treatment For Women Experiencing Breast Implant Illness

February 21 18:08 2020
While there is no research backing it up, many women have reported Breast Implant Illness with several symptoms. Dr. Weider is committed to providing a medical solution that brings relief

Breast Implant Illness has become a serious issue within the community of women who have breast implants. Although not supported by science, women have reported symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, hair loss, dry skin, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Dr. Weider is proud to announce a procedure that will help correct the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness; this is called the En Bloc Capsulectomy. The procedure involves the removal of the implants inside the breast implant capsules or a breast lift.

The procedure may not guarantee relief but Dr. Weider and his team has evidence of people who have found comfort after undergoing implant removal with capsulectomy.

A small percentage of women who have done breast implant surgery end up having capsular contractures. This condition makes the implant capsule become thick and squeezes the implant. The advantage of En bloc Capsulectomy is that it helps surgeons remove the implant if the silicone implant has leaked within the capsule.

Sometimes, a Total Capsulectomy is required where the implant is removed from the capsule to facilitate the removal of the rest of the capsule. This may be the best option, but a consultation is required to make that decision.

Dr. Weider and his team are experts in En Bloc Capsulectomy. Their desire is to provide the safest and most reliable way for women who’re dealing with Breast Implant Illness.

In addition to En bloc Capsulectomy, they also provide photographs of the removed implants, pathological evaluation, testing for BIA-ALCL, muscle repair, and breast lift, when indicated.

Interested in discussing treatment for Breast Implant Illness; please give Weider Plastic Surgery a call at (972) 566-8444.

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