Velozone Offers Amazing Cycling Products from the Top Brands in the Industry

February 13 20:18 2020
Cyclists will find all that they need at Velozone. They are the number one cycling vendor that carries all the top brands. They also offer bike accessories, clothing, helmet, and tools that cyclists might need for their training, weekend ride, or competition.

When it comes to bikes and bike accessories, there is only one vendor to approach, Velozone. Based in the UK, they carry the top bikes brands. If they’re looking for road bikes, mountain bikes, or cross-country bikes, Velozone has all different types. They also have other types of bikes for non-competitive purposes. Anyone looking for electric bikes, folding bikes, comfort bikes, and kid’s bikes, Velozone has them all. And they also offer competitive prices which make their products all the more appealing.

Cyclists should also put safety high on their priority list by wearing the proper protection. Good thing Velozone also carries the top brands when it comes to bike helmet and clothing. They have the Giro Aerohead, a state-of-the-art tri helmet that will reduce drag at the same time keep the athlete safe. Their Giro Aether road helmet is perfect for weekend riding in the countryside. The Giro Switchblade MIPS Dirt is the perfect helmet for mountain biking.

Cycling isn’t complete without the proper attire. Cycling clothing is everything and the right gear can help reduce drag for more efficient riding. Velozone carries the top bike clothing brands from Santini to Evoc.

Those looking for bike accessories will also find amazing deals at Velozone. Their Hamax Outback Reclining Trailer, the perfect companion to bring the little ones during relaxed weekend riding. The Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro is perfect for those traveling abroad for a cycling competition. It will keep bikes safe and protected during travel. NiteRider Pro 4200 Enduro Remote Front Light will ensure that cyclists won’t get into an accident at night and serve as a daylight flash to alert other motorists of the cyclist. And for cyclists who just don’t have the time to train can use a roller to train in the comfort of their own home. Velozone offers roller like the Minoura Hybrid and the Minoura Live Roll.

Anyone looking for high-quality bike stands can stop their search because Velozone has a wide variety of bike stand choices. They have the Tacx Spider, Minoura RS-5000 Portable Workstand, and the Cyclo Portable Work Stand. All these stands will ensure bikes are kept safe and secure inside the home.

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