Cirrus Consulting Bel Air, Maryland Launches Restaurant Financing and Accounting Services Firm Outside Baltimore, MD

January 23 09:24 2020
Cirrus Consulting Bel Air, Maryland Launches Restaurant Financing and Accounting Services Firm Outside Baltimore, MD
Cirrus Consulting, Bel Air, Maryland, has begun offering financing and general accounting services to restaurant owners in the Bel Air and Baltimore, Maryland region. This is a unique service geared towards the niche market of restaurant owners and operators that are not as accounting or money savvy.

BEL AIR, Maryland – January 23, 2020 – Cirrus Consulting is a full-service accounting advisory group based in Bel Air, Maryland about an hour north of Baltimore. They are looking to improve the ability of startups and established restaurants and restaurant owners and operators to manage money in a way to improve capital funds access money flow management. The food and beverage industry is generally ripe with boom and bust businesses mainly due to the large capital required to start a business and the necessary capital required to keep it going.

Losses are expected to some degree during the initial phases of the business as the brand is being developed. Though there is an expectation of losses this sentiment is a barrier to many people trying to break out into the food and beverage industry but cannot due to a lack of financing. A lack of access to necessary financing and capital could be due to a lack of the notoriety of the new owner-operator. Banks and investment groups tend to look for less risky investments in a very risky industry such as new restaurants. There is little upside to a failed investment in a restaurant. So, to decrease the risk investment groups tend to focus on more well-established names and brands to ensure a return worth the time and effort.

Cirrus Consulting is looking to change the perspective by offering their financing consulting services to everyone in the Bel Air area. Cirrus Consulting offers specialized restaurant bookkeeping, accounting, Bel Air restaurant management tool, and advisory services that focus on the hospitality industry. This means that restaurant owners and operators could see a boost of support from the financing world through better connections with the consulting world. As a new restaurant owner or operator financing and money management isn’t always the primary concern, particularly if you are coming from the chef side of the back kitchen.

Better financial and money management advisory solutions lead to better integrations between the food world and the money world and therefore lead to more successful endeavors. More Bel Air Restaurant consultants are needed that can help advise the food industry professionals that do not have the financial background to grow a brand or business through financing or proper money management. The focus on food can’t always be primary. Consulting firms like Cirrus Consulting are a doorway to unlimited potential for small business owners look to grow their food and beverage industry brand through relevant financing and money management.

About Us

Cirrus Consulting, Bel Air, Maryland, is a full service accounting firm that specializes in accounting and financing advisory and technical services for the food industry. From cooks to restaurant owners to caterers and other foodservice industry professionals, Cirrus Consulting is keyed into the food industry market by leading the way with specialty bookkeeping, management, and accounting software. Cirrus Consulting also offers auditing and marketing advisory services. Their top service, though, is their food and restaurant financing service that allows new or limited owners and operators the proper tools to hunt, bid, and secure financing for new or existing food industry projects.

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