Frany Dejota surprises the world with the new album ‘Esencia Electronica’ of electronic music

December 20 22:39 2019
Frany Dejota surprises the world with the new album \'Esencia Electronica\' of electronic music
Francisco Gaspar LLopis, better known as Frany Dejota, was born in (Valencia, March 30, 1983), is a Spanish artist and dj producer of electronic music. He is considered an artistic figure of electronic music and Spanish techno.

What is expected of the artist and a good dj producer is a plus of spectacle, it comforts to run into professionals who make their sessions much more than mere fireworks. Frany Dejota, unlike many posers, not only dominates how few the raw material he handles, he also knows how to sniff the ambient factor to adapt like a glove to the spirit that presides over each occasion.

In those strenuous ceremonies of the dance that it plots, presided over by an electronic bias that marries completely with the alternative, the same goes for the most rabid and current crushing of electro-house and deep-house as the techno and dance classics of all life and even the winks to the electronics of the 90s.

Its only rule is the relentless, the law of rhythm, the emotional drive that makes its audience an unconditional hostage of their good work in the cabin, from which there is always space for surprise, unsuspected remixes and permanent interaction with the track, euphoric cadences that display all their effectiveness, achieving the not always easy mission for everyone to end up with their feet well off the ground.

Frany Dejota surprises with new 12 Singles, new EP of 4 songs ‘Delta Luminoso’ and new Album of 10 songs ‘Esencia Electrónica’ of electronic music. All new releases of Frany Dejota are available through all the major music stores and platforms. In a statement, Frany Dejota declared that he had made his new work with all his love, thinking of his fans and the purest essence of his electronic music.

New album ‘Esencia Electrónica’ by Frany Dejota:

Frany Dejota live electronic music concert:

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