Nmwenergy, Part of Watford LLC, is Aiming for Lowest Cost Energy Production with Minimal Environmental Impact

November 27 00:10 2019
Nmwenergy, Part of Watford LLC, is Aiming for Lowest Cost Energy Production with Minimal Environmental Impact

November 26, 2019 – Founded with a passion to bring fruits of alternative energy to the whole world, Nmwenergy has received a new development vector ever since it was acquired by Watford LLC, a leading conglomerate with a diverse set of interests.

Founded in 2008, Nmwenergy has a new leadership since 2019 in the form of Richard Watford. The infusion of a new business model, the People-to-Company way of doing business, and a new executive, Calvin Cooper, are expected to take  Nmwenergy northward into greater heights.

Nmwenergy focuses on two essential technologies for alternative energy: wind generators and solar cell power panels. The aim is to offer people the lowest energy costs with maximum environmental protection. In all,  Nmwenergy has installed 60 530 wind generators in over 47 countries. It is also in partnership with global corporations for energy production.

Nmwenergy is committed to innovation and wants to bring advanced products to the market. We will continue to explore several directions in our ongoing efforts to make Nmwenergy the most competitive supplier of new integrated energy solutions,” says Kelvin Cooper, CEO, Nmwenergy.

Among the products and solutions, Nmwenergy has a strong portfolio of latest wind generators and solar panels. It has a turnkey solution package to set up solar and wind farms through qualified staff, who take care of the project from the initial assessment to the final installation. The areas served are industrial, commercial and domestic.

Nmwenergy staff are selected after rigorous qualification tests. Employees are annually screened to ensure they meet all qualification standards and accreditation levels. The assets are duly protected with insurance, and all operations and transactions are under careful security. The outcome is successfully managed and completed the project with guaranteed reliability and stability.

Nmwenergy is proud to be part of Watford LLC and will continue to pursue its standards of excellence, with a focus on advanced technologies, professional services and compliance with industry norms and ethics.


Based in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, Nmwenergy is one of the market leaders in alternative energy sources. The company is built on key principles, representing all the company’s key disciplines and all employees. For more information, please visit: www.nmwenergy.com

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