Machine Vision Inspection Manufacturer Announces To Supply Automated Vision Inspection Machines For The Manufacturing Companies Around The World

October 17 13:39 2019
Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of machine vision inspection systems that have their wide application in the product manufacturing companies.

In many industries, and particularly in manufacturing units, vision inspection systems are used to check flaws of a sample or a product. Many times, human eyes fail to detect errors, which a smart machine vision inspection can easily detect. These systems are designed to help maintain the desired quality of a finished item. Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd has different models of vision inspection machines that industries can use for error detection. Most of these machines work in an automated environment and eliminate the need of human efforts. This is the reason why they can deliver accurate results at a fast pace.

Industries can glimpse through an amazing range of automated vision inspection machines that Sipotek has in its portfolio. They have automated vision inspection machine with intelligent detection systems, automated optical inspection machine for full size die cutting products, CCD visual inspection European regulation machine, customized magnetic inductance defective crack size automatic vision machine, easy operation visual inspection machines and lots more. Most of these machines feature dynamic data acquisition and automated image analysis and processing. With a very high detection speed, these visual inspection machines can carry out inspection and error detection of a large number of samples on a daily basis.

Machine Vision Inspection Manufacturer Announces To Supply Automated Vision Inspection Machines For The Manufacturing Companies Around The World

According to the company spokesperson, they focus on the design and development of the machine vision inspection system that can be used for surface inspection, assembly inspection, precision measurement, product traceability, robot guidance and other industrial applications. These vision inspection systems can be useful for a variety of industries, such as automotive, cosmetics, consumer goods, electronics, food & drinks, pharma, plastics and others. The machines can check various parameters of a product to determine its quality. With superior detection accuracy, the machine can check accuracy of products made of glass, aluminum, and other materials.

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leadingmachine vision inspection manufacturers in China that industries can rely on. The company has machines that work with the dynamic picture processing feature. There are several machines that also provide a 3D visual inspection, and which can easily detect even the minutest type of error. The machines are easy to operate and one can easily check and control the operating conditions of the machine. The speed of the vibrating feed can also be adjusted according to the requirements of the visual inspection. There is a screen for displaying the inspection results and reporting.

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Since its establishment 16 years ago, Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of image technology and machine vision, with more than 70 senior R&D personnel of machine vision system and industrial automation engineers. The company’s key technical personnel are mainly from HUAWEI, BYD, FOXCONN and other first-class manufacturing enterprises, with many years of mature experience in software design, visual and image comparison technology, industrial automation and other aspects.

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